April 19, 2011

i have once walk under the sun along the beach
bare footed and smiling
i used to dance along the caress of the wind
while listening to the music in the air

my life used to be so carefree
happy and blissful
 enjoying and appreciating 
the moment was full of joy

one day, storm came with strong wind
i became drenched and soaked

i can't see anything else but the scary lighting
and heart clenching sounds of the thunders

too scared, i locked myself in a hut
and i never dare to come out again

i know that, with the storms
beautiful rainbow will come after

but i still can't see it
and i'm scared to get lost while searching

so till now i'm trapped
in that small hut, waiting to be saved

but what i'm hoping is, those happy, heart breaking, and wondrous moment
will forever happen just because of the same name

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