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angelic heart - mr lee donghae ♥

wow, i haven't been able to online for just one day, i already missed so much

now,this is dedicated to super junior lee donghae, michael and everyone who cared to read

firstly, today i saw donghae tweeted asking us, super junior fans to read his cyworld
i was curious but i ignored it since i can't read korean

btw, i saw the translation of the post donghae wanted us to read

Title: Pray for Michael…
Written on 2011.4.1 at 03:13 AM

Hello this is Super Junior Donghae. I’m currently working hard with schedules in Taiwan. Working hard with the members for album promotions, as well as filming a brilliant challenge with Siwon...working hard for drama activities. At 12:30am today after daily Bible study with the members ended, Siwon and I were on our way back to our room when we saw a Chinese man drinking alone. So when we asked him why he was drinking alone...he said he was just diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. Then we had a conversation for about an hour and a half. On April 3rd the doctor will let him know whether he can survive or not by receiving surgery. As a result he said he is too sad, strained, exhausted and afraid. Siwonie and I told him to stop drinking, to put down the cigarette he was holding in his hand, and we prayed together. Michael does not know God and said that trying to pray was useless. He said that since he’s dying already he will spend his days drinking and smoking. But Siwon and I told him to come to church along with us to have good thoughts only and throw away the bad ones through praying. Michael said such sweet words, good thoughts... Anyone could tell such stories. Although he was very thankful, he said that Siwon and I were not him and would not know how he felt either, and that we were not in his position so we could never understand. This is why I told him about the story of my late father. My father was diagnosed with cancer too. For 3 years while he was getting treatment my father too found God and wanted to become God’s son. (He was really a Christian.) Here’s where I lied... I said he’s still living healthily... And that (Michael) should pray and stop drinking and smoking. Michael’s eyes were filled with so much fear and he was in a state where he didn’t even have much strength. So I wanted to give Michael hope, and truly wished Michael would be healthy in the future and that we could become friends who could have meals together, hence I thought of going ahead with the white lie that could give him hope. Michael is one who achieved really a lot and who also received recognition for having worked very hard. He kept telling us to go back and rest but Siwon and I didn't go and kept holding a conversation. With us looking at him, after all Michael threw his drink and also the cigarette away. Michael was so thankful to us for telling him such a good story and delivering a message that gave him hope and he told us he will carry on through praying and having good thoughts. As expected his steps were heavy... he said his wife was at home and that he was too late so we told him to come to our house to sleep. Michael said it's okay and that he was too happy because he met such two good friends and Super Junior and he told us that he will invite us for dinner and to express his thanks. I think that if we had passed him, just said hello and gone by perhaps Michael would've had worse thoughts and he'd be thinking more negatively than before. The saying that even crossing paths is obviously true. We are proud to be God's sons who can give someone hope and courage. Although everyone lives their own life if we look in front, and behind us a bit more at ease and stretch out our hands we could be able to really pass down big help and happiness. Just because you do not know someone do not pass them by but greet each other with a smile instead and if they don't say hello first, go yourself first and if you greet them with a smile the other party will probably like it and I think you could even become two good friends. I'd like to ask you to pray together. For Michael ...April 3rd is the day he receives the results. I beg you to please pray for Michael to be healthy and for light, not darkness, to be able to shine on his path. Also because this entry is in Korean ...I don't speak English...I'm not fluent in Chinese either. If amidst those who see this entry there are people able to translate it please translate this writing so that one becomes ten and ten become a hundred and so many more people will see this entry and pray for Michael for at least 30 seconds even. I think that success, money, and things alike are not important. I think importance lies within other things... Today too I am thankful to God who forged me and once again made me feel. And I'd like to say thank you to Siwon who makes time to guide the members and allow them come closer to God day by day. Good Night Michael...

Original Source. 이동해미니홈피
English Translation by. Euodsie and Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full and proper credits, do not add yours in.

May be translated into other languages, but credit the original translator.

even though most of the content are talking about other religion but what makes me touched so much is that apart from his busy schedule, he did take time to write something for a stranger. for a busy man like lee donghae, we, super junior fans, had always know that he is the member who have the softest heart.

so, i hope everyone can spread this. so that his good intention can be delivered. and as basic humanity common sense, hope we can pray for the poor fellow will be fine and live a healthy life :) 


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