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" I want to live my life like I did before, during the time where your name doesn't existed in my memory. The time where, I breath, eat and sleep happily. I cried every night. I wished that I hate you. I did. But, it becomes even more painful because I hate you yet I still miss you.

  How come someone so insignificant to me before, turns to be a so far away star that I wanted to reach out and keep it for myself. Since you shine brightly, you are someone who is loved by everyone around you. It feels like I have been running forever to catch up with you, but in the end, I keep getting far away.

 How can people loves so easily? When I struggle everyday to either forget you or keep loving with a bleeding heart? You keep appearing in front of me, even though in reality, you are miles away.

  I need to forget. I can't keep holding onto the past when I have a future to experience"

 I was going through my old stuffs today when I saw this writing. Since I love reading romantic novels so much, it has been affecting my writing style too. I love doing this kind of thing. How I miss the time when I can write better stuffs like this instead of stupid mumbling that I have been doing these days. I assume, I have to start writing again. Even though it wasn't that good, but at least I do things that I like. 

 By the way, I think I wrote those things during a mathematic class when I was in high school. Oh my my, bad girl. LOL^^

P/s: The grammar sucks right? My bad, I should have focus more in English class. ^^



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