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lady gaga fell of piano

i never been a big fan of her
either her style or her songs
it's just too much for me
plus her songs lyrics are mostly nonsense

btw, today, i was checking email when i saw her in the yahoo news

it is said that she was singing track "you and i" when it happen

By Ben Arnold

Lady Gaga briefly misplaced her dignity at a show in Houston, Texas, after a stage stunt left her flat on her backThe singer was perched on top of her piano, which also happened to be on fire, when she slipped on the tricky dismount, ending up underneath the keyboard
She was performing the track 'You And I' as the fall happened, while wearing just a pair of vertiginous stilettos and underwear
But playing the consummate professional, she continued the song without missing a beat, and didn't even refer to the fact that she had ended up under her own piano.
"It was in the middle of the show," said fan Eric Souklnary, who filmed the slip. "She was really high up and it looked really bad. I only just managed to keep the video steady.
"The crowd all saw it and I don't think anyone would have minded if she'd walked off the stage to get checked out by medics." [Daily Mail]

it was so funny , i laugh my ass off! haha
btw, her cloth this time was too mcuh
if you want to see it
click here


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