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life's social guide: who you actually are?

hello oppas-oppas (abang-abang), unnies-unnies (kakak-kakak) and dongsengs(adik-adik) sekalian

macam biasa, lepas sahaja balik kelas
rutin utama i setiap hari is online
blogwalking, update blog, tweeting etc

disebabkan hari ni rasa sedikit rajin
so this is the 2nd update on 'life's social guide'

hari ni nak buat personality test sikit.

well, macam yang kita tahu
sangat susah untuk kita faham orang lain
kadang-kadang nak faham diri sendiri pun rasa macam complicated kan?

pernah tak you guys rasa macam korang ni ada split personality?
for example, bila kat sekolah or tempat kerja sikap korang akan jadi berbeza dengan sikap korang time kat rumah
ada tak? ada tak?

for me, yes!
in school, i tend to be cheerful, easy-going and happy all the time
i talk a lot, hard to get angry and very patient

in contrast, at home
i rather to talk less, sit alone, easy to get moody and sometimes becomes very impatient

somtimes, i wonder if i tend to act 'less-likeable' at home'
because i feel comfortable and i can act like who i actually are
so, the question is

is it me at school is just a pretending me?
it's weird when it feels like the is an off/on button to swap my personality 
when i am with my family and when i am with my friends
it's not that i completely change
but mostly, yes
i am less talkative at home compared to at school

so i googled an found this site

it gives free test to let us know what kind of personality do we have
so it will help us to understand ourselves better
and also help others to understand us more too

kalau korang tak paham macam mana nak buat
try tengok the video tutorial first

senang je kan step dia:
1) click the orange-coloured start quiz button (right side of the page)
2) register (korang log in through facebook je)
3) answer all the question carefully (click on next page button when done)
4) read your personality analysis!

so, i've go through mine and this is my results:

Composer of Harmonies

      Anis, as the "Composer of Harmonies", you are the rock that holds it together. You are a steady, organized, and sociable (true!) person who strives for positive relationships (lagi true!) at work and at home. People are often impressed and comforted by your warm, empathetic nature and understanding (haha, sangat true, bangga kejap ^^).

      You tend to look for the good in others and situations, avoiding negative interactions (sumpah betul. selalunya, kalau orang macam cakap buruk2 pasal orang lain, i will be like, "yeke? takde lah, korang salah paham je kot" or "dia ada masalah kot" haha, baik kan i? :p) whenever possible.

       However, you can be quite tactful and diplomatic when confrontation does occur, and can be assertive if your parameters are clearly defined. Under such a scenario, you can make sound decisions yet be sensitive (eh, camne dia tau ek? gila ah) to the emotions, responses, and attitudes of others. Using your positive people skills, you can bring unity to groups and between individuals. (well, i kan peacemaker..huehue)

       You consistently demonstrate precision and accuracy (yea yea..i am miss perfectionist) , paying close attention to your actions. With a talent for creating order, you typically display a high level of quality in your work and can focus until your goal is accomplished (hurm, ni pun betul. kalau i say i wana do something, i'll do it to the end).

        Since you strive for precision in what you do, you may take it personally when criticized (touching-touching ni memang specialty i. hahaha). By nature, you are sensitive to things others may miss, as you see the details and finer points. You enjoy solving problems, completing the things you start, being in control of yourself and surroundings, and keeping your personal space organized just for you. Stable and conscientious, you will likely do the job right the first time. (kalau buat kerja dengan i, kalau dah semangat datang tu, siap lah, salah sikit pun nak buat baru. perfectionist kan?)

      Although others may view you as reserved (betul kalau around org yang tak kenal), you likely come alive in personal, low-pressure situations where you can feel truly connected to and acknowledged by those around you ( ni pun betul, sebab i akan hyper dengan org yang i selesa je..huahua). You will go out of your way for your friends and often find yourself in roles of service. Others experience you as stable, accepting, and even-tempered, putting them at ease in your presence. You are neighborly, generally open-minded and able to see the 'best' in others. Once you form a bond with another person, you have no problem talking about personal subjects and extending trust. You are likely a good listener (well, even though i ckp banyak, but you can tell me anything! i will listen ^^) and a stable friend, doing quality work and diligently nourishing your relationships.

Food for Thought

-Your communication style in general, especially in times of pressure or conflict, can be overly tolerant . Your need to maintain positive relationships, may lead you to undervalue your own needs, time, and personal goals. This can create additional stress in your life. (baik sangat, pastu susahkan diri, betul betul)

-You likely avoid conflict (ye, tak suka gado-gado nihh), which may prevent you from setting appropriate boundaries and expressing your own needs and wants. If you don't express your own needs, you may feel resentment. At times, you may need to make a concerted effort to stand your ground.

-You feel most comfortable when your world feels steady, stable, and orderly. This can lead to a resistance to change and a feeling of discomfort or loss of control in moments of change or chaos. (hah, ni sangatlah tepat, kalau boleh i nak stick on one thing je, dalam kata lain, i ni setia..haha)

-Because you are able to multitask well, you often take on too much. Be aware of your limits and learn to delegate responsibility. Trusting others and seeking out their strengths may relieve a lot of pressure in your life. Sometimes it's even okay to say no. (haa, ni satu lagi yang betul, i ni tak reti cakap,tak nak!)

-Because of your high standards and attention to detail, you may tend to be critical of yourself and perhaps others. (perfectionist sangat kan, semua benda tak kena.haha, susah nak puaskan diri sendiri kekadang)

-You will take your time to gather all the information to make decisions. If you are unable to gather this information, you may struggle with decision-making (angguk-angguk). At times, you may have to push yourself to be more spontaneous or go with your "gut" instincts.

after reading all of this
it is shockingly accurate
yes, i am a peacemaker, i hate abrupt changes and i tend to get attached to someone/something for a long time
and yes, i can't say no
all of the result are so true

well, it's not weird since the research have been done for more than 80 years how bout you guys?
share it with me :)

kalau dah rasa seronok, cuba lah try yang ni. or this one.
fun kan?


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