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24:7 Lagi!! Same Step, Different Song, and The Miming Fails

Semalam ada update pasal "kpop" malaysia ni kan?

enjoy the next video. 
i just don't have anything more to say

yang paling sedih kalau korang baca the previous entry,
i did said that the videos
 from using lagu bonamana until this one
still the same step -___-"
means before their first stage
people dah bosan dengan choreo

kalau korang ni peminat kpop (the real one)
korang akan perasan yang choreo ni mcm mixup from steps bonamana and sorry sorry
some of shinee's snsd's and others groups step

derrrrr -______-"

p/s: actually ada jer yang decent looking one dalam group nihh, but it was ruined by one wrong step hurmmm


  1. haha.. krana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. kan ? ekeke..

    xpe lah, prctce mke perfect, org kata.. so they should try it even it worst. :P


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