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derhaka sungguh aku: sorry mama!

month of may
so many events that it made me so confused

and today is 12th of May!

it's Nurse Day!
i talked to mum this afternoon but i didn't wish her yet!
omo!! forget!!

and in two days, it will dad's birthday!
hmmm, what should i buy for him?


so again, a blog post dedicated to my wonderful mama

wishing you a "Happy Nurse Day!"

i don't know if your patients know this
but they better realize how wonderful my mum as a nurse
(even though she is a bit stricter at work :P)

p/s: some fact, nurse day date was set in commemoration of Florence Nightingale birthdate
p/p/s: i'm really not in the mood to google more about her, but she basically is a 'legend' in nursing and healthcare area :D
p/p/p/s: and her surname is kinda cool! Nightingale! sounds like a hero! 


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