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my first time: beggar experience (i need your opinion)

assalamualaikum and good afternoon peeps^^
happy thursday!

okay, semua dah makan belum??
currently i'm at mcd (again) puchong, eating lunch and alone
huh, do i sound estatic? do i sound happy?
like "ohh-yeah-i'm-having-mcd-for-lunch-while-using-mcd's-free-wifi-service" happiness?

don't get jealous yet. because, actually, rather than enjoying my meal today i actually feels very tired
nope, tired sounds too normal, what i'm actually feeling is that i am so very extremely exhausted!
(notice how i have been using so, very and extremely altogether?)

why? because i feel like i have been running and shouting for like hours

it's a looong story and there is no way i can make it short
so since i have nothing to do now 
i am going to tell you guys everything 


i did say this before, my final exam is over
and i have nothing to do at all
so i decided to come to puchong yesterday(where i'm at now) to visits my aunts
since one of them has been nagging me for not coming since like last year?
(well, it's not last year actually, i'm exaggerating 
i am such a fillial niece right? ^,<

so, to come here, it's was such a long journey
i felt like i was travelling from kuala lumpur to perak instead of kl to puchong

since i am from shah alam, i have to take a bus from my rented apartment and went to seksyen 2 shah alam and wait for U80 Rapid Bus to take me to Pasar Seni/Central Market (CM)

i arrived at CM around 4.15 pm
and then i have to wait for U70 Rapid Bus to take me to Puchong
(such a long trip right?)

it's not that i haven't travel by bus to anywhere before
but, the yesterday's journey from KL to Puchong feels like a torture
the bus was so crowded but Alhamdulillah i was able to snatch a seat.hehehehe

i arrived at Puchong around 7pm 
and i went straight to my "Ibu" house
she is my mum's older sister

luckily, and actually shockingly
it was like we have some sort of telephatic ability :D
everyone came back home!
my cousin who was studying in Unisel Selangor also came back unannounced
last night was such a havoc!

we slept late, around 3.30 in the morning
everyone was sleeping like a cow
and my cousins almost slept in and going to miss work
but luckily she didn't

i amazingly woke up at around 10.30 am
then, i decided to go to my second aunt 's house which is around a few hundred meters away from my 
Ibu's house

and this is when the real pain begin (yes, i bolded the word "pain")

i have to walk to her house since there is no public transportation there
and nothing felt better when all the way to her house 
there wasn't a slightest gust of wind, and the weather was so hot

i felt much better when i entered her apartment gate with two nasi lemak in my hand
i bought them on my way to her house in case she haven't had her breakfast yet

ascending the lift to level seven, i literally was running towards her house
and when i arrive, since there is no bell to ring
i have to do it traditional way,

i called my aunt like... a hundreds thousands times

i thought she wasn't home
so i called her husband, my uncle (jonjon) who is currently at work
i didn't expect him to pick up the phone since he is working

i didn't give up yet
so i kept screaming, shouting, knocking and banging the door
still,nobody open it

it's weird because she is a full time domestic engineer (housewife lahhh! haha)
and she rarely go out anywhere

i started to get tired, thirsty, hungry and drenched in sweats
with one backpack on my back (which contain a laptop and my clothes)
 one sling bag and a plastic of nasi lemak in my hand
i feel worst than ever

i stopped to rest for awhile
sitting on the staircase, which is smelly and dirty and scary
i want to keep calling and knocking
but i started to feel like a public nuisance so i stopped

thinking a way out
i tried to call my mum , and just to add the pain, i phone was out of credit
thanks to maxis's call-me-back service
i was able to send some SOS message
my mum got my message and call me back..phewww
she send me some credit and i started to try calling my other aunts in case they knew where my cik yong is
and then i was tested again


such a perfect timing
so at that time, i was double thirsty, triple hungry, soaked in sweats and became unreachable 
still refused to go back to Ibu's house
 (which actually have no point at all because everyone is at work)

i went down to the apartment lobby and tried to ask around if there is any groceries or stall that sell drinks
and sadly, there isn't

i try my luck to walk further away (don't forget i still have those bags with me)
and thank god, i found a small ice-blended store
i bought not one, but two drinks

i decided to try my luck again
(i don't give up easily you know)
i went back to my aunt's apartment block
get on the lift to the seventh floor
and start knocking and banging the grill again
and still no answers

based on my aunts, she might be asleep
but i bet she's going out somewhere
because it doesn't makes sense at all
that she didn't hear me at no matter how hard it is to hear someone if she is in the bedroom

for god sake, i knocked for two hours!

i started to get miserable
i want to cry, i feels so sleepy

in the end, i decided to walk to the nearest mcd 
and here i am now typing this

so now, i am so confused
what do you guys think i should do?

a) took a bus,have a three hours long journey, and went beck to my house (my real house)
b) stay at mcd until 6pm and try to go back to her house again

ohhhh, i feels like a homeless beggar now
and yes, i'm charging my phone at mcd now
so sad! haha


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