May 20, 2011

An Orphan, A Graduation, A Room and A Goose Girl

I know I shouldn't compile all my stories for a whole week in one entry. But, being too preoccupied in my newfound routine, I couldn't force myself to write an entry just for the sake of being an active blogger who posts more than one insignificant post a day without any meaning. I know I too did that occasionally. But, since I am trying to be a better writer, maybe I should skip all the nonsense post from now on. What ever it is, I still wish to write anything I prefer in my own blog. Not trying to be ignorant, but I feel comfortable posting anything I like.

An Orphan

I was raised by my parent, not lacking anything.So, sometimes I forgot to be thankful. It was a sudden decision when I decided to join a program after the examination. Hoping to raise my extra curricular activities points and to do some charity work, last Saturday, on the 14th of May which also happened to be my dad's birthday, I went to an orphanage house in Klang. It was my first time doing this kind of work. Even though I was hoping to join more, I just didn't get the chance. It was a fine morning, I was picked up by Farah since I was in Puchong which was near her house. We arrived at the promised gathering place around 7.30 but no one else had arrived yet. Everyone was supposed to be there by 8.00 but I only spotted a few person only at eight passed five. But, that wasn't entirely my concern since it's not on the punctuality of most of the students was my attention was with although I did became a bit bothered by it.

We arrived at the orphanage a few while later and the first thing I saw was a building. Decent enough to be one's home, but small to be these children house. There is a new build building which I found out later was to be the library. Maybe it was me who are being over concerned, at least this children gets enough foods and shelter and education. Everyone was assigned to have one child to be our temporary "adopted sister/brother".  At first, these kids were shy and didn't talk much. Mine was no different. But a little later, we can hear their laughter everyone. I learned that it was my "adopter sister" birthday too and that broke my heart. Since it was also dad's birthday, I felt a little bit more sympathetic on that girl. Her name was Eiffah. A bright and pretty child, she is twelve years old which also the same as my little brother's age. But, their maturity level was so different, since my little brother is the youngest one he was a little pampered by my parents. Eiffah was a good girl, I can see her maturity on how she acted and talked. 

It was a sad farewell. I did feel a little regret for not be able to give her anything as a token of appreciation and for a little reminder. I only had a chance to left her with my used perfume and a card made from my name tag paper and written words using a marker pen. I did left my phone number and address and I wish she would contact me somehow.

A Graduation

I came back from the orphanage and soon learned that my cousin's fiancรฉe was having her convocation day. So I rushed over to meet them. After some greetings and talking, the event was over and I found myself back at home in Baiduri again. Alone, since everyone has gone back for the holiday. But, I felt peace and contentment. Maybe, after the hectic and a little sentimental day, I need some time on my own to think. Even more after the graduation. When I see all the graduates, walking high and proud receiving their transcript, I wonder if I haven't tried and work hard enough on my studies. I promised myself to try a little harder in the coming semester.

A Room

I wrote down a "to-do-list" while was having my semester holiday which is going to be long until this September. It is because the government wanted to match overseas school holiday. So I guess, I am having my summer holiday now. In the list, I wrote down a few things and one of it was to redecorate my bedroom. I realized that  it's been a while since I have given some care to the room so I thought after getting a job, I might be able to spend a penny on that room. But, God loves me more. I found out that dad has already bought some paint to do some makeover on the house. When I asked what colour is for my room, he told me that it is pink. I don't know whether to be overjoyed or to feel depressed. I do like pink, but a wrong colour might turn the room into something worst. When I saw the colour, it was shocking. It was deep pink. A little too much for me. But, I was trying to be positive. I started to google around to find some inspiration when I suddenly remembered that I kind of adore the combination of pink and green. So there it is! I decided to have a pink-green coloured room. A little princessy for others but I found it cute. By the way, I might post some pictures after the redecorating job is done.

A Goose Girl

I decided to start reading more. Since I left high school, the numbers of books I read becomes lesser than it used to be. For a starter, I read this. "The Goose Girl". A tale about a princess. It was enjoyable. I love how the writer takes turn on making me think and guess while being angry and happy for the main character. It is worthy for a reading. One more thing, most of the books I read nowadays wasn't exactly a book. Mostly, I downloaded the ebook, or mobile ebook and read it on my laptop or on my phone. Reading using my phone was the most comfortable method since I can lay down while reading. You guys can read this version of "The Goose Girl" by downloading the ebook from this link. But, remember I do not own the book or the stories in anyway, just sharing something nice for all of you. Now off you go! Read and tell me how is it? Do you found the story as interesting as I do?

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