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#dayone: ten facts about me

opppss.. almost forgot about this
well, i actually have done this "facts about me" thing
but i have the time to waste today :P

warning: epic randomness

a. my bedroom 
fact: i just repaint my bedroom after 10 years 
fact: i choose a very childish colour , pink and green
fact: my room is so messy right now because i don't have the idea how to redecorate it yet
babble: ahhh, i wish i have the money for the decoration

b. my secret wish
fact: i have tons of wish but only one secret wish
fact: i have been wishing for it for nearly 7 years now
fact: i'm bad in letting go of things
fact: i can be this determined if i want 
babble: ahhhhh, wish i can have this kind of determination when i comes to studying

c. my bestfriend
fact: i have a bestfriend and she is so nice to me
fact: i feel like i'm drifting away from her
fact: it's my fault
fact: i miss her and i love her
babble: ahhhh, i will call her soon, maybe ask her out somewhere 

d. my weakness
fact: usually i would say i'm a perfectionist
fact: that is not a lie
fact: i have one more weakness
fact: i have some kind of complex about myself being not good enough
fact: it always make me feel down
fact: i always gets too attached to things
babble: ahhhh, i should read more motivational book instead of the cheesy romance

e. my type
fact: i think bad boys is interesting, not romantically
fact: i like neat person, it's okay to be stylish, as long it doesn't look like beggars clothing
fact: i think guys wearing plaids or caps are hot ( the 'neatness' is still a factor)
fact: i don't usually have a crush, but once i did, it always stays for a long time
fact: but even though they are nothing above but nice to people, i would probably like them
babble: ahhh, i should stop watching romantic movies

f. my biggest lie
fact: when i say "it's okay"
fact: when i say "i'm okay"
fact: when i say "i don't care"
fact: when i say " i'm don't mind"
babble: ahhhhh, i should be more truthful to people and myself

g. my bad quality
fact: i am stubborn
fact: i am loud
fact: i am the queen of procrastination
fact: i am bad in waking up at the right time
fact: i tend to rebel when i'm being ordered too much
fact: i daydream
babble: ahhh, i should change. fast.

h. my sense of taste
fact: i am crazy about durian
fact: i love cold fruits (means the refrigerated one)
fact: i don't really like dark chocolate
fact: i prefer ice-cream than cakes
fact: i used to hate mcd's french fries
fact: i prefer sour than sweet, sweet than salty
fact: i always crave for things
babble: ahhh, i should direct my interest into something beneficial instead

i. my mother
fact: i kind of have love-hate relationship with her
fact: we never/rarely agree on anything
fact: i admire her patient
fact: i undoubtedly love her
fact: no matter what, she is my mother and i'm proud of her
babble: ahhh, maybe i should be less stubborn

j. my health
fact: i have bad eyesight
fact: i get flu easily
fact: i have sensitive gums
fact: i tend to get sickness related to stomach
fact: rarely get a fever
babble: why on earth i'm telling this?!


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