June 24, 2011

#daysix: ten things i can't live without..well literally

actually this is one irrelevant post
because no way i have only ten things that i love
it's illogical!
but well, just play the game :D
okay, but i'm going to exclude things cheesy like my family, my best friend , my wallet etc 
because of course everyone know that!

#one: my spectacles

for those who knows about my bad eyesight. you would understand. there is no way i can live safely in a day without my spectacles! i would be like the blind losing her cane!

#two: my lappy

this is one precious thing. i get this only after so much struggle. and i use my own money instead of my parent's. i'm quite proud of it because amir's lappy (my brother) was bought using our parent's. well, he deserve it. he studies hard enough to get that. and there is no way i can live without it. it's a must!

#three: internet connection

this doesn't really need an explanation. i'm an internet addict. i need it more than i need foods (literally). 
well, i do exaggerate but that is how much i need it.haha

#four: my hand phone

you might get a little surprised that this comes at the fourth place. well, idk why but my hand phone functions as mp3 more than as a phone. you guys get it right? well, i rarely text anyone, i used it only for important calls. omg i sounds like an old woman, not a 20 years old! well, i do need my phone but not as much as i need my laptop

#five: my wristwatch

when i'm going out and i'm not wearing it, i feel uneasy. it has become a habit but a good one. i really need my wristwatch anywhere. and i set it ten minutes faster than the real time. yeah, i sometimes like to procrastinate. so i need to set it earlier.lol

#six: my earpiece/earphone/headphone

i need this. i use this mostly all the time. when i listen to music on my phone. when i watch dramas and movies in my laptop. this is crucial

#seven: my black eyeliner

i never thought it will be in the list. i need this everyday. and i didn't wear it too much to make me look like a crazy bitch. just a necessity.

#eight: my hard disk drive

i'm a complete geek! how come half of the things i listed down are related to technologies?!
no doubt i'm a computer science student.haha! and for drama addict like me, my hdd is like a life savior.
ouhhh, i'm over exaggerating again!

#nine: my treasure box

well, it's just an ordinary paper box that i bought in hinode's shop. but the content is what counts. everything important in my life are there. some people may call it junk, but for me it's the token from every part of my life so far. maybe i should made an entry about it someday : )

#ten: my super junior box and posters

full with my super junior collections. i know i don't bring that everywhere. but the thought of knowing it's somewhere safe made me happy! yes, i'm super junior's addict! my bad ;p

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