Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

#dayten: ten final word

"don't judge me just because of what i love. start judging when you know me enough"

"just because i say it's fine, doesn't mean you can do it again"

" i never regret on my seven years of waiting and i can wait seven more years for someone i care for"

" don't make me choose between things i love because it shows that you don't love me enough"

" i might be a crybaby and a little bit rash, but i'll never hurt others feeling, at least when i'm aware of it"

" stop expecting great things from me when you never believe i can do it"

" i'm loud, i'm overly sensitive and i'm stubborn, love me the way i am"

" when i act like i don't care, i actually care for you more than anything"

" don't say anything you don't mean, don't act like you care, because i'll believe it"

" just because i'm singing, it doesn't me i'm happy and just because i'm talking, it doesn't mean i'm not lonely"


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