June 20, 2011

#daytwo: ten things that i love

ten out of thousands things that i love
in no particular order

♥ sitting and listening to the sound of the beach 
 i barely went to the beach, but every time i did go, i'll cry especially during sunset

 singing in karaoke 
i don't know if this is because of the singers and actors blood in me or just because it's fun
but i love it! especially when i did it with farahlina

 watching dramas or movies, alone 
this sounds weird, but i enjoy it very much. i really don't like people bothering me when i watch movies. it's kind of annoying. i'm quite focus when i do something especially things i love. i even go watch movies in the cinema alone, not once but more than three times! btw, i still love watching movies in the cinema with my friends!

 korean variety shows 
i love it! it's hilarious! it's crazy! it's entertaining!

 ♥ reading novels 
even though i'm obsessive over hallyu waves but i never and will never forget this one favourite past time of mine. usually i go for something like historical romance, magic and adventure, vampires, romantic comedy etc

♥ shoes ♥ 
i think i like shoes more than i like clothes and bags. even though i don't have the power to by anything i want now, but i always had my eyes on shoes. especially stilettos! 

my blog and writing ♥ 
i always mention this. i love writing and of course i love my blog! how much lack of personalities, lack of authenticity, lack of content it is, i still love my blog.this [milky way] big

♥ my 147 piece of manga ♥ 
i just love them! i have been collecting them since i was sixteen but i have to stop because my mum hate it. i will recollect them when i have my own place and my own money..hehe

♥ my cat ♥ 
even though he doesn't count as a thing, but i love my cat. even when he never let us touch him, even when he act good only when he is hungry, even when he always bother me at night, even when he lacks enthusiasm needed as a cat

 ♥ the feeling when he calls my name ♥ 
i don't need to explain this one *blush*

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