June 13, 2011

in the name of the mooooooonnnnn ;D

huhhh, finally i did it!
i finished all the episodes of the sailormoon series!

so funny because first time i watched it
i was in kindergarten!
and now
20 years old girl! hahaha

btw, i get it now
why this one get the 'best anime' tittle

so if anyone wanna watch all sailormoon season and movies
go here

the order of the season is

1) Sailor Moon
2) Sailor Moon R (Romance)
3) Sailor Moon R The Movie
4) Sailor Moon S (Super)
5) Sailor Moon S The Movie
6) Sailor Moon SuperS
7) Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie
8) Sailor Stars

watch! and you won't regret it

p/s: all the series and movies are english dubbed, except the last one because no license are approved for dubbing :D

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