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tale as old as time~

tale as old as time
true as it can be
barely even friends
then somebody bends

well, have you guys ever came across someone who is completely annoying? i have. at that time, i really wish for that person to disappear from my sight. i can't take any of the words coming from that person, and we never agree on anything. (well, mostly anything)

but, after some time, the bickering and nagging and teasing and fighting became so familiar. at that moment, i will miss all our fights if there is one day where we didn't get to see each other.
it's became something normal

i didn't realize that we actually and finally able to accept our differences
(even though we still fight every time we met)

friendship to me is a mystery
when we started to be able to connect to one another and the bond gets deeper
we can accept almost any flaws our friend has

and friendship to me is something weird 
because like i said
even though we never agrees on anything
we still talk to each other a day after that

i never get tired of those feelings
and what i have been able to learn so far is
all we have to do is to open our heart to each other
and we will be able to see the goodness instead of the flaws

hmmmm, how i miss my friends
especially that one particular person i always fight with


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