June 24, 2011

life's social guide: the generation gap and differences between people

assalamualaikum and hello!

i've been out of idea to write anything for days
i mean, i keep playing the " ....days challenges instead"
and because i know i won't be able to get consistent 
 i actually did use the auto-post function well..lol

i have a new topic today
well, it literally came to me tonight

"generation gap"
hooyeahh, one more sensitive topic on the way!

usually and mostly a seventeen years old teenage would RARELY agree on any seventy years old grandma said

not only tastes in food, clothing, colour, music genre, type of movies
but almost anything you can imagine

maybe, not everyone would feel like this
but almost everyone would

okay if you say, it makes sense since the generation gap is too wide
how about gap between you and your mum and dad or even your siblings
don't try acting innocent
i bet 
there will be the time where you guys has different opinion
especially with your parent
in most cases
the differences covers majorly everything

from the simplest issue like

" your mum doesn't like the choice of color for your bedroom"
" your dad think football is way better than soap opera"

and maybe the tougher one like

" your parent disagree on the choice of course you've taken in university"
" they don't like your boy/girlfriend"

whatever it is, when this kind of conflict come
it will not only disturb you emotionally
but it'll shaken your relationship with the people you love


"try turn things around"

i myself find it VERY hard to understand my parent
and the desire to talk back sometimes becomes too intense for me to hold back

i hate making my mum and dad sad
but sometime i just can't help myself
the teenage "rebellion" hormone just takes over my mind
(well, i'm still 20, got less then one year to finish up all the rebellion plans.ahaha)

after years and years
i found some ways to reduce the tension of the generation gap
there is a few method 

i. think positively! this method might be a little bit hard, but this is the best one. try to find reasoning behind all the crisis with them

ii. just say yes! try your hardest to agree with everything they say. just bear the fact that you cannot win

iii. put out the flame first. let the topic hanging a bit and try discussing with them again few days after that

iv. just shut your mouth. when those irritating nagging come, don't talk back, just sit and listen. it'll be faster to stop all those unnecessary fight like that

v. just follow their order. this might be the hardest way. but it's also the safest one

if you try one of these method, you'll get less headache but of course more heartache
but better to get hurt than making them hurt


personally, i think generation gap is a unique way to represent certain age

i mean doesn't it sound weird when someone of our parent age like things like
"kpop or concerts"

and it might sounds a little dorky if people of our own age gets too involve in stuffs like
"politics and economy"

this is the natural life cycle
everything in this world need a balance
just try to accept it
wholeheartedly or the other way

p/s: i really need to start doing things i write. i mean thinking positively is easy, but acting positive is damn hard


it's time for song dedication!
for the people :D

Daniel Powter - Bad Day
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