July 10, 2011

haters day: to those mean people

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Haters only hate the things that they can't get and the people they can't be.

sometimes, i pity all of those people who have tons of haters. i'm kinda thankful for not being one of them who always get hurtful comments from people they don't even know well. because seriously, i don't think i can handle it. and those haters, they either have no heart, or has never get hurt before.

i mean, isn't it ridiculous to get haters just because many people like you?
okay, maybe sometimes, there are people who actually deserved to be hated.
but personally, i think it is a little too much to hate people to the extent of letting them know that we hate them.

it's just mean and heartless

so i really envy those people who can live their life to the fullest instead of weeping over some stupid haters.
to me, people like that are brave and positive

i just hope the one who does all the hating job would realize that they should quit and find something better to do

People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you

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