July 25, 2011

hello there, you two-faced person. yes you!

cr: herochan

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

as usual, i think my brain works better at night
as much as i try to think of an idea for blogs during the day
i usually end up posting things at night
maybe i'm half vampire?
yeahh! go team edward! 
ohh but jacob is mine!

ohhh there i go talking about something else again

i stumbled upon this image on tumblr. aka my ultimate emotional stress reliever
when i saw this
physically all we can see is the transformation of marvel's superheroes
but inside, i saw something deeper
this art actually reflects human
us people

all of us does this all the time
being different with different people

i'm not saying that we are faking all the time
but it is a fact that we rarely show our true self in front of people
the best example is me.

well, i can't explain how different i am when i'm alone and when i'm with someone
but i give you my word, it's a 360 degrees change, well almost -__-"

in public, i literally can't stop talking
but personally, i really enjoy spending my time alone
doing my favourite stuffs without any disturbance
when i'm alone, i don't really care about the outside world very much
even my mobile phone is often being left till out of batteries
you can't reach me easily if i'm in a holiday
i literally shut down all the connections
except facebook and twitter of course
but i barely online too

truthfully i have loads of example to give
but i should let it ends here

so, my point is

we shouldn't judge people just by seeing one side of them

someone might act cheerful outside but there maybe a clump of sorrow in his/her heart
someone might look like a total geek, but there is a chance that he/she is quite a cool person
someone might have a personality of a bitch/jerk, but it might be because she/he doesn't really have confidence

we all wear a mask
where sometimes even among our closest circles of friends and family
can't figure us out

but you can't say that either of that is not your personality
it's still you, but in a different point of view
my opinion is
just don't overdo it

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