July 09, 2011

today's last entry: driving class


awww look how much they've grown!


you know, for most of the people who live in the 20th century
not knowing how to drive is kinda suck

yeahh, i know, we have all the trains, buses, lrts, monorail, ktm, stars and the soon to be mrt
but still, driving skill is definitely one of the 'must do' thing in everyone 'life's guide book'

looking at the stereotypes
most people in the world think that asian sucks in driving

while in malaysia
most guys think that women sucks in driving

i dont know whether both of them are just some stupid myths of a fact
but it definitely are giving me a cold feet.
especially when i have my first driving lesson to attend tomorrow

but i'm going to try hard enough to not be in that group 

driving class in the age of 20?
yeahh, i know
better late than never right? *excuse*
what ever it is i am going to pass with flying colours
or at least with flying colour

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