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mix and match youtube video and play it together? have you tried it?

assalamualaikum and harrooo guys
memang dah lama tak update coz holiday = tak de cerita nak diupdate sangat except pelbagai link untuk videos.
boring. yeahh

btw i found this awesome thing you can do on youtube

first, go to and type "haru haru big bang piano"
here i embedded it for you to make it easier

done?? then open a new tab
again go to and search "rainy day"

now, play both of the video at the same time
you'll find out one awesome melody!
enough to make you sleep :D

btw, there's a lot of mix and match song with this "rainy day' track

you can mix it up with:

1- Naruto Soundtrack - Sadness and Sorrow

2- The Most Relaxing Music Ever! (Over 7 Million views) Slow down -by Paul Collier (11)

3- "Kingdom of Burmecia" - Final Fantasy IX soundtrack.

4- "Me and My drank " - Lil Wayne ft. Short Dawg

and a lot of others :D

btw, i still find the one with haru-haru it's a perfect match ^^
but i still find the combination 


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