July 11, 2011

my usual immediate reaction while reading a blog post



i :: literally, i drool

everyone does it. it's like cravings. when you read a new entry especially food-related, you'll feel hungry, and will be drooling over it. for example, i was reading xiaxue's blog post 
and i feel like i want to grab her hair and say, why do you have to post all these pictures of delicious food?!

and to make the matter worst, when the picture of the foods is in HD!
it's almost like you can taste it
not only xiaxue, cik epal's and mr.mat gebu's blog are also the example of my hunger catalyst.
so this is my usual reaction when i read a blog

ohh ohh and stuffs like this makes me drools too *fangirls* haha

ii :: i'll laugh like a madwoman

cr: wowfunniestposts

thanks to some funny ass bloggers, i sometimes find myself laughing alone while blog walking
i hate cheap jokes. but the type that gives a deep meaning yet a little stupid. it would definitely made my day!

iii :: at the worst case, i shriek 

this refer to those disgusting blog post.
urghh, imagining it made my stomach upset.
you guys get it right? those type of entries are usually a no-no to me
i really hate disgusting stuffs
i am just very good at being pretentious when talking about that in front of others

ohh for this one, no image available, i cant bear putting such disgusting stuffs in my blog ^^

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