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Day 4: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

i found out that i forgot to publish day four challenge

so i'm posting two for today ^^

okayyyy. this is hard, a little
so far, i havent had a girl bias who i know from A-Z like i know Kyuhyun
okayy maybe not A-Z but a lot more

and i dont have one particular kpop girl bias

lemme put a top three in no particular order


okay, i start liking IU when i watch her singing 'Nagging with 2AM Seulong
I start to like her more in SBS Heroes where she guested with T-Ara Jiyeon
they are such a cute pair

t-ara jiyeon

i think i like the cutesy girly type
jiyeon is both of them plus a little blur
it makes her looks soo innocent
haha, and she in God Of Study is just awesome ^^

brown eyed girl son gain

this is my unnie, keep away from her
i think gain is stylish, sexy and cute at the same time
with her almost nonexistence eyelids
i have a 'thing' for those with low crease of eyelids or none at all
it's cute to me
and ohh, she and jokwon in wgm was the best couple ever
even the gogumas cant beat them and i'm a big fan of yongseo couple


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