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Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps^^

this time, the challenge is a bit hard for me
to chose one fav song of all in super junior is a hard task

so, i think it's better if i put song(s) instead of song
in no particular order

sorry sorry:
i cant deny it, sorry sorry was so good that it makes people from all over the world recognize sj. it played a big part, the song is catchy and they look super gorgeous in the outfit!

this song is such a memory to me, this is first time where i actually buy the album and participate and anticipate in super junior comeback. so it's on the list!

marry you:
this is a special song for both sj and elfs. it brings pure happiness and joy. this song play a very important part between the boys and elfs, still loving it!

the comeback song for the 5th jib alongside mr.simple. even though they only perform it on comeback stage
i love it to the max. the meaning is straight to the point. the last man standing!

no other:
oh my god, this is the song that made me flinch and get a little tipsy while watching the music videos
they are so cute. 

in my dreams:
this is an awesome song. just can't say anything about it, the lyrics, it's the best. i just love it.

a man in love:
my favourite sj concert song, it's beat is just awesome and i feel like dancing to it.

i don't know why i love it. it sort of stuck in my head for a long time

there's no one like me:
this is my number one favourite out of all suju-t songs, i love trot to the core!

this is one song i have no idea why. i never find the need to memorize the song. but i never left it out in my songs playlist

shining star:
this song stick to my heart. i first heard it on ss2 where i saw teukie cried under thousand of star-like light. even i cried. it was overwhelming

boom boom:
i kinda like this song first soon after fourth jib was out. just love the dance.

white christmas:
this is my favourite song after mr. simple in the fifth album. it's such a happy song!


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