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a bit of a gloomy days for super junior and elf. a sad entry.

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :')

currently, i'm feeling a little bit sad
everything is so wrong since yesterday

after all of those speculations and deductions and guesses made by elfs
we finally get an answer
it was way unexpected and it's heart breaking

you remember yesterday inkigayo acceptance speech and the encore after they win?
we were so confused by their action

first, it was eunhyuk who accept the award and give the accpetance speech
second, kyuhyun, who usually stand at the back, comes forward and stand next to eunhyuk
third, leeteuk stands at the corner and making his usual fake-smile-to-hide-sadness to the camera
fourth, heechul stands behind and so far from everyone
fifth, eunhyuk doesn't even smile during encore
sixth, yesterday encore feels so sad instead of happiness even it's their first winning on inkigayo for mr. simple

there were even rumors saying hyuk and heechul fought
but then it appeared that actually eunhyuk got a little injured from dance practice

soon after that, we heard that donghae and yesung, shindong and eunhyuk got injured from dream team recording

i feel a little shocked, but still a little relieved since it was minor and better than the rumor.

and then, when i woke up today
as always, i'll check my facebook notifications, twitter mentions and blog comments
and here, the big news come crashing at me like a big nuclear bomb


cr: ndynise

Super Junior Kim Heechul’s enlistment is just around the corner and he shares his thoughts with us.

Kim Heechul said through a phone call this morning, “Because I enlist late, I want to go quietly. In fact, I wanted to announce my enlistment through Leeteuk’s radio.”

“But if I choose to depart quietly when the amount of love and support I receive recently has been really great, it just does not seem right. Come to think of it, you heard the news from my agency.”

“It hasn’t been long since Super Junior’s 5th album ‘Mr Simple’ was first released and is currently going so well. At first, I wanted to delay the enlistment, but I think it will be better to do it when it feels right as I already want this. I admit that the process that I took to arrive to this decision was not easy.”

“I will continue to take part in the remaining activities before coming back home to Gangwon-do. I have lots of things to do there.”

He also thanked members and fans who respect his decision.

“I am thankful to Super Junior’s members. They told me shyly “we can’t do it without hyung”, it makes me flattered. Once I am gone, I believe Super Junior will do just as fine” he laughed.

“Thank you for your constant support since 6 years ago, but I won’t ask you to wait for me. When it is time for me to resume my activities, please give me your support.” Heechul said in a witty manner.

Meanwhile, Kim Heechul will be admitted to Chungnam Military Camp on September 1st and will be receiving basic military training for 4 weeks before serving as public service personnel for 23 months.

Kim Heechul was involved in a terrible car accident in the summer of 2006 and had to undergo a major surgery in which he had 8 metal rods put in his leg. It is why he will only be serving as public service personnel.

Kim Heechul’s eloquent and unique wit has made him loved by many and acquired a nickname ‘Space Big Star’.

Source: Star NewsEnglish Translation: dewspaper for SUPER-LEGACY.COM

................................ my brain already processed it, but my heart denied that.
keep denying, i wish it was just another rumor made by some people

and bammmm, it's true
it's not a rumor
it's reality

now, the puzzle pieces have been brought together and it matches perfectly
the boys actions yesterday
it make a perfect sense
and as hyuk already become so close to heechul
and kyu who always play games with him
and his same age friend leeteuk

it make everything looks crystal clear now
hyuk has always been a cry baby, he wont be able to suppress such big of a news like this
as for leeteuk, you dont have to fake a smile, we know it when we saw your eyes
that sad smiling eyes

heenim, his smile, his weirdness, we love everything about him
his smirk and his craziness, it has made us smile before

as i wrote this, i kept thinking
when super junior in nine days will become nine instead of ten people
and soon enough it would be eight

and that time, as for me 
leeteuk going to the army will be ten times more devastating than everything else
the leader is going for a long time
and it's leeteuk, the most charismatic , caring leader i've ever seen among every kpop group 

would elfs be strong enough to bid them a temporary goodbye 
and fake a smile like leeteuk has been doing all this time
and wait patiently?

while one after another
they will be gone too?
for two years?

at this point, it almost made me regret loving suju to this extent
how can someone love someone else so much even they don't even know you exist?


it's funny how the heart work
but i will wait, and keep waiting
and we will keep being strong while waiting

it's a promise we made, on the day we become Super Junior's Everlasting Friends
and i'm keeping that promise.

There will come a day when we will have to separate. 
We might not be able to see one another. 
When that happens, our memories will give us strength until the day we are able to meet again.


  1. time bace nieh rase cam air mata nak meleleh. heechul!!! SuJu!!! Kyaaa. sedeyh nyee.

  2. Aw...this post describes my emotions perfectly right now. It's hard to believe I could become so sad over the personal lives of a group of people I've never met, with a language I don't understand.

    Over the 4 years I've known SJ~ they have always managed to cheer me up whether it be through their music,performances,radio shows, or variety shows. Their emotions had an impact on my emotions ~ And now things are starting to change and it will never be the same.

    But like they said~ It doesn't matter if you were an ELF from the beginning, but an ELF to the end. So no matter how hard it hurts- I will wait for them!

    Ah...sorry for the long comment. I really enjoyed your post :3

  3. anis!!siyes ak sedeyh giler!!my heechul!!!tsk..tsk..:'(

  4. my eyes got so teary reading this.
    i was okay this morning..but when I saw yesterday inki perf...i cannot stop to feel what is like when heechul wasn't there with them.

    we sure gonna miss him

  5. He will enlist to army eventually..Either now or soon..Just Try look at it from the positive least he is serving his country proudly!At this point,all he need is our support..So,let give him one..Dont worry,he'll be back in two years..We,elfs will wait for him no matter how long it will takes right?

    Cheer up beb..Btw,nice blog ^_^

  6. @Sarah Asshila haha, thanks,i was emotional when i first read the news and i wrote it soon after it. btw thanks for the compliment

  7. @Atheera. yeah, i know i know, my friends went almost hysterical.haha


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