Thinker Belle

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dear readers, i have an announcement

gambar takde motif

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

well, actually i've been telling about this before
but i really really don't want some of my readers *kalauadapun*
yang get a little confused and bored with my blog post


i'm so sorry since the past month my blog entries have been filled with kpop kpop kpop
firstly, since super junior is having their comeback promoting their fifth album
so, of course jiwa raga i akan meronta-ronta nak update pasal diorang je memanjang


ni pun i ada cakap before. sekarang i tengah cuti sem, bila cuti sem i just duduk di rumah
when i duduk rumah, otak tak berkembang. yee, i tak bergaul dengan orang
i duduk rumah tolong mak kemas-kemas je
so, kalau nak update things like my life outside
memang takde modal
and i takde duit banyak sangat nak merayap-rayap pergi tempat makan best-best and post gambar-gambar sedap yang buat saliva production doubled


this might sound a little bit rude, but is it so wrong to updates things i love?
i mean this is a personal blog
i put my personal thought into it
and i don't have a boyfriend to like 'tayang-tayang' here everyday
not that i'm saying it's wrong
i rather not too, even i have one ^< *keepformyself*

so, korang tunggulah raya nanti and after raya
maybe content akan improve sedikit and variety sedikit
and if only kat kampung i ada internet

hmmm, maybe i should write something and auto publish that?
lemme, see, maybe? 


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