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leeteuk has a baby :)

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps^^

i sekarang dalam keadaan 'mood' yang hampir ketakat negative
but i gagahkan jugak nak post this
nak layan sangat emosi ni tak bagus
think positive kan?
okay abaikan masalah hormon perempuan i tu

i have news
leteeuk has a baby!

ohhh not his
but acting like his

okay okay straight to the point!
leeteuk is involved in hello baby new season
i'm sooo going to watch them 


so ini preview dia

haha, it seems like a father, four daughters and one baby
sistar looks like kids, and leeteuk looks like a single dad raising a big family..haha
ohh and i dont know if this is true or not
the baby name is kim kyu min
i wonder how kyuhyun and sungmin will look like when they are calling the baby
it's gonna be epic!

p/s: nazeera, is the baby yours? haha


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