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You can call anyone irresponsible but leeteuk?

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps^^

malam tadi i tertidur dengan laptop tak shutdown
wifi tak off
memang habis terbengakalai semua kerja-kerja

sorry lahh kepada yang mintak i edit header tu
tak sempat pulak, bila tuan blog dah tidur

sahur today, my mum cooked my favourite dishes
tomyam+kailan ikan masin+telur goreng+sambal belacan= heavennnn
ohh semmm, sahur today terbaik

but let's not talk more about my sahur
who want to hear it rite?

okay, semalam mood i tak berapa baik
and i felt much better this morning until i came across an article about leeteuk

PLEASE RT THE DESPICABLE ACTION OF "HELLO BABY" STAFF TO LEETEUK - "Hello Baby" production team blamed LeeTeuk for the 30minutes delay of the launching show, leading to many unjustified news articles from the reporters stating that LeeTeuk arrived late and offered no apology on arrival as he should have done - if he had indeed arrived late due to his own fault.
However, it was revealed that LeeTeuk's late arrival was due to the late finish of the recording of the said show, "Hello Baby", and LeeTeuk's apology had come later during the interview because he had not been aware that the reporters had been told he was the cause of the delay. Still, he apologised for the delay of the launching show despite the fact that he had been blamed by the show's production team. Later, SM officials at the show saw the articles and complained to the production team who then finally told the reporters that it had not been LeeTeuk's fault but still did not clarify that it had been the production team's fault for 1)late finish of the recording which caused LeeTeuk to arrive late, and 2)incorrect explanation for the delayed launching show.
LeeTeuk has been under fierce attack due to his late arrival and his apparent lack of apology for the situation that he apparently caused and the "Hello Baby" production team still has not issued any apology or clarification about the launching show or their action.
Currently, Korean SJ fans are writing to the production team on KBS-Joy BBS, requesting for the official correct explanation behind the launching show fiasco and official apology to LeeTeuk and SM. Their action towards LeeTeuk who is one of the casts for the show is simply unacceptable and KBS's another show, Go Dream Team, has led to Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin's injuries due to their lack of attention while building the stage.
I tweet this in hope to raise awareness to KBS, and especially "Hello Baby" production team's improper behaviour to Super Junior. Please RT and show support for our boys.
so my reaction was of course not good
i mean, it's not that i'm a blind fan that accept her idol's mistakes without any justification
for example, like kangin past mistakes
even though it was regrettable but i never flinch about that
at least that incident makes kangin a more matured person than he was to be

but seriously, leeteuk?
you're calling leeteuk as irresposible

it's something near bullshit
okay, leeteuk IS NOT PERFECT
but he always does his best in recordings

maybe not everyone realized how much he push himself in everything he do
but elfs does
bowing a little lower than everyone else
he is that kind of person

a thirty minutes delay, i think making such a big fuss over it is a little bit of over reaction
but since it involved someone well-known like leeteuk
well it seems logical

if that was leeteuk fault
we will accept it and with leeteuk we will bow our heads together saying sorry
but the situation now is different

it was the production team fault and yet they made no effort of telling people that
the dream team incident that caused three of the members injury
i still be able to not find anyone fault
let accept it as a normal situation of recording
especially that dream team is that kind of show, a rough one

but leeteuk and hello baby , they just started
how much this kind of things will affect his relationship with production team
and it is because of this one stupid mistakes makes by the team with the press
which was not explaining the real situation

now, things will be a lot more awkward for leeteuk
he might as well, bow his head twice lower than he usually does

so guys, in hope of this kind of thing to not happen again in the near future
let us retweet this article

like i said, elfs are not the kind of fan who will shut their eyes when this kind of thing happen. 
try not to mess with us. you'll receive a lot more than you do .


  1. emm, okay it's not his fault but he still have to ask for apology. for us it's like, nothing but to reporters>> late means you have to apology,because people have to wait for you. but he is a good leader that's why he apologized :)

  2. @han eba " LeeTeuk's apology had come later during the interview because he had not been aware that the reporters had been told he was the cause of the delay. Still, he apologised for the delay of the launching show despite the fact that he had been blamed by the show's production team." he did apologize there. But he was still blamed. the production team was the one who supposed to apologize instead of teuk but no, they put the blame on Leeteuk's shoulder.

  3. never call leeteuk as irresponsible!
    nak marah lah ni...
    fans yg tau dia akan tau dia tak mcm tu....
    aissh, sedihla

  4. @Atheera. yeah, rite? they're teribble

    @hyukloveslatte i agree!

    @han eba i still think it's too much, yes it was appropriate of him to say sorry, but the production team does not clarify that he was saying sorry for everyone


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