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Super Junior 5th Album! M Countdown Mr. Simple + Sorry Sorry Special Performance!!

assalamualaikum and hey hey guys ^^

we have so good, and a little sad story here!

let's start with the good one first!
Super Junior Won The Triple Crown on Mnett Countdown Today!
Baksuuu!! Clap Clap!!

but on the other side
today performance lack something
not their performance
it lacked presence

well, today they perform sorry sorry as well as a special stage people voted for

on Mr. Simple performance
nine of them is performing today, as usual Siwon is absence due to his full schedule
while Donghae is performing while sitting on a chair
i guess it was the dream team recording incident and his injury is not getting better yet

on Sorry Sorry stage
as the same, Donghae was sitting on the chair too
and Heechul only has a liitle part in it

and of course during the encore after the winner announcement
it feels sad, to think that the stage will feel empty like this again
so people might say 'empty? seven or six is enough to make a group'
but to elfs it feels like a hole
it feels different

but hey enough with the weeping
they'll be back, we already promised to wait for them right?

meanwhile let's enjoy their awesome performance as usual
and you see
on the bright side, it's good to see hyuk smile back on his face
and they seem to be enjoying the encore too!
and Leeteuk saying that they are thankful to Heechul and that they love him
(if i'm not mistaken)
it's so sweet :)

Mr Simple Performance

Sorry Sorry Performance

Today's Winner + Encore

i'll be back again tomorrow for Music Bank entry
bwara mr. simple

till the next rambling
annyeong! byeong~byeong!!

edit: and ohh i read that k-elf suggest that on this week performance, instead of
"Super Junior Mr. Simple 2x"
in the beginning, they change to
" sarangheyo kim heechul, gidarillke kim heechul"
which means
" i love you kim heechul, i'll wait for you kim heechul"

as for today, they didnt do it
if they do on the next performance
i think i'll cry a river

and ohh on the encore leeteuk says that heechul went back to the dorm
and he also asked them to sing a birthday song for yesung!


  1. wahh dari atas smp bawah scroll sume kpop..mmg die hard fan kpop nih.heeee

  2. @アヌム ちゃん actually sebab bulan ni super junior punya 5th album keluar, so promotion banyak, lagipun tengah cuti, mmg dok layan benda2 camni je lahh


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