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life's social guide: your friends, five or ten years from now. what to expect?

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
it's the last friday of this year ramadhan

well, it felt a bit sad to bid goodbye to ramadhan so soon
it's like a blink and we're seeing syawal approaching!

ohh but that's not what i'm going to write this morning
it's about changes


hands up to those who is studying in college or university now?
i think this is the group where at this period
they'll feel the changes in life the most

i mean, since it's like a transition point
where the normality changes and brings big effect in us
from being kids/teens to an adult

let's skip the long intro now
i feel like jumping straight to the point

as for me, the one of the biggest changes i've faced so far is
my friends
it's either my childhood friends or my schoolmates

well, truthfully it's not weird that people change
especially when we got older and a little bit more matured than before
but some of the changes, makes me feel a little awkward to adapt with

1. from friend to 'unknown' status

this is the most challenging part for me. when we were younger, for example 12 or 13 years old. we make friends with sincerity, i don't know if you don't but i do. but later on, like five or ten years in the future
that friendship status seems to become a little stained by the logical fact that, friendship, we sometimes have to  pay for it. but, the most troublesome problem is the status of friendship with the opposite sex. that is something, for me, a little though to handle. well, not all males friends make me feel like that, but there is a few. when someone who we expect to be our good friends forever starting to look forward to something deeper. well, if we do have the same feeling it would be awesome right? who wouldn't want boyfriend/girlfriend who is at the same time our bestfriend? but the major complications come when we cannot return the same feeling but rejecting is like the sign of 'goodbye' to the previous friendship. i mean you would still be friends but it wont feel the same. so that left us from being friends with each other to relationship status? --> unknown

2. from someone you know well enough to a stranger

the second part of changes that is usual at the age of 19-22. whenever i'm online on facebook, i would go and look at my old friends profile without them expecting it. hey, i'm not a pervert stalker okay, everyone does that. i want to see how much changes had they gone through in this period of time when we no longer see each other often. and some changes, it's way shocking. example, maybe in the past that person use to be so shy, but now, he/she has changed into someone who's blunt and confident. well, if that is the case, it'll be good for them. changes for good. it's not a bad thing right. but what if it is the exact opposite? somehow, until now, i can't manage to register some changes my old friends had gone through. maybe they are feeling the same about me? maybe i too, have undergo rapid changes that i don't even realize?

3. from someone of the same status to a different one

haha, this one is kinda cute. and i don't mind with this kind of changes from my friends. i mean, from being single to engaged or married. you know, i have a friend, actually she was a good friend of mine when i was still in primary school. but we went apart when i started to study in boarding school. and last year *if i'm not mistaken* she got married at the age of nineteen *maybe* and few months ago, she got pregnant *maybe she had givem birth now*. but guys, that is so awesome! i mean my friend had become a wife and a mum! that is wayy awesome. so cute! it's a little awkward for the 'unmarried' me to think that my beloved friend has undergo one more important phase in her life. and it made me kinda jealous too. she has a baby, who don't want a baby?! awwww~~

 so far, these three changes had bugged me but each in a different way
so you guys need to expect this kind of thing to happen in the future
or maybe you guys had experienced it already

what ever it is
changes for good , is not a bad idea isn't it ?
and hey. that's what we call growing up rite?


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