Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

take care of me a little more

i didn't ask you to buy expensive clothes neither cook for me all the time
i didn't need you to keep calling everyday to ask about my day
i didn't expect hundreds of text messages asking the same thing 

i want a smile every time our eyes met
a little laugh at my stupid jokes
a lending ears for my problems

a time where we can go to the coffee shop and talk about the weather
a time when you send me a little card saying ' i love you' or 'happy birthday'
a time when you unexpectedly sing for me in the car

i dream of a day when we can grow old together
still holding hands when we are walking around in a park
and wearing the same expression we had back when we were younger

i will wait for the destined person
while at it, i'll be collecting memories of my own
even if i'm alone i will be happy

and when the time comes
all i want is
take care of me a little more.

-6:17 am, wednesday, my room-


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