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write when you're sad..

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

looking at the tittle, most of you must be guessing that anis is not in a very good mood right now.
but nahhh, i'm good today
just finished watching captain america, he is so damn hot! hahaha

well, i just went for a blog walking a few minutes ago 
and in one of the blogs i follow
the writer is feeling melancholy tonight

how did i know?
well, sebab i pun akan tend to write more bila i sedih

i mean that is the best way to let your feelings out right?
keeping it in doesn't do any good to you

but will people feel annoyed when reading such sad stuffs?
as for me, i don't really mind

it's healthy to let out bad thinking
and turning your feelings into words
personally, i really like that

writing that comes from your heart instead of writing things people want to read
yes, of course we have to write things people want to read
but isn't it better if you did that and all the things you write comes from your heart?

like Mulan says "my duty is to my heart" (i'm a disney maniac)
if you want to be happy
console your heart with good stuffs

so how bout you guys? will you feel annoyed reading something so melancholy and sad in a blog?

well, i write that kind of stuffs a LOT
i'm so into cheesy lines and romantic words
well, this is indeed a personal blog, right? ^3<

p/s: dear blogger friend whose name i couldn't mention , i know, you're feeling a bit down now, but himnae! fighting!! 


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