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KPOP Medley (Choir) ~

i was getting ready to start doing my assignments
when i came across this video
and i couldn't stop myself from sharing this with you

it's a collection of kpop song performed in a choir
what's so interesting and special is the singers
most of them are like our grandpas and grandmas

so it's awesome!

watching the whole video, i got goosebumps everywhere
no wonder people are crying
i guess it might be their mum or dad, or grandma and grandpa performing
but still, it's one of a kind and a great performance

btw this are the songs they sang in the performance
2NE1- I Don't Care
SNSD- Genie
IU & Seulong - Nagging
2PM - Heartbeat
Shinee- Ring Ding Dong
Secret - Shy Boy
GDragon - Heartbreaker 
2AM - Can't let You Go Even If I Die


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