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My Hand Hurts TT~ It's Multitasking Bebeh!

cr: thedevelopmentcommittee

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

i think most of us already gone into sleep
i cant, because i have tons of work to do
even i don't have to submit it tomorrow
but almost 75% of my assignment due on the same day which is the next Thursday

so hectic~~ TT aigooooo

tadi buat java programming, start around 9 pm, till 1 am
4 hours for two java question?
awesome, #macammananakjawabexam

mehh tengok kerja i for this week saja 

- Network and System Admin: peer to peer network setup *tak sempat nak practice, sok dah kena demo*
- Data Communication and Networking: quiz on chapter 2 and assignment one with minumum of typed 3 page essay~
-Cisco - Lab Practice to be submitted
- Ethinic: Test Chapter 1,2,3!!
- BEL: draft benefits of drinking cofee~~

okay, pening sudah
bye nak sambung balik ^^


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