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appreciation post :D

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assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

remember before, i did a post on being thankful to Allah and the people around us?
even though i might forget about this, but luckily, i'm not tonight

i'm so happy yesterday
usually thursday is not my favourite day of the week because i have the longest, earliest and latest class
but that doesn't matter tonight

i have a few happy things to say tonight

first! it's about my youngest brother
upsr result was out yesterday, and my brother did it!
i'm so happy about that! and so proud of him :D
it's so touching, i don't know why
maybe because i did teach him a little?

whatever it is I AM SO PROUD OF YOU my baby brother <3

and secondly, the good things that happen yesterday is not just that
i FINALLY received my parcel from korea!
it's so worth the wait!
ohh i want to take some pictures, but i'm too lazy now and i need to finish my speech preparation for tomorrow class

that's all for tonight i guess
so this is my appreciation post
i'm thankful to Allah and the people around me for all the good things that happened yesterday!

till next post~ annyeong! byeong~byeong ^3^


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