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Super Show 4 Seoul Korea

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

super show 4 in seoul has officially ended
well, i refused to get too much updates because it makes me sad and jealous at the same time

but still, want to update something
there were 40 songs that was sang 

here is the list of the songs

1. Superman
2. Opera
3. Twins (Knock Out)
4. A Man in Love Remix
5. Bonamana Remix
6. You’re My Endless Love
7. OOPS with F(x)’s Amber, Victoria, Sulli
8. Wonder Boy
9. Rokkuko
10. Walkin
11. Baby- Henry’s Solo with Amber
12. what's my name- hyukjae
13. Sungmin’s Solo
14. Kyuhyun’s Solo-Isn’t She Lovely
15. Ryeowook’s Solo-Moves Like Jagger 
16. Leeteuk’s Solo-She
17. Shindong’s Solo-Twinkle Twinkle Remix 
18. Good Friends
19. Pajama Party
20. Feels Good
21. Perfection Korean Ver. 
22. A-Cha
23. Mr. Simple
24. Don’t Don
25. Zhoumi’s Solo-Because of you by Kelly Clarkson
26. Yesung’s Solo-Kiss Me
27. Siwon’s Solo- Your Grace is Enough
28. Donghae’s Solo with Hyukjae. 
29. Storm
30. Y
31. Lovely Day (Acapella)
32. You and I
33. Our Love
34. Do Re Mi- The Sound of Music 
35. White Christmas
36. Dancing Out
37. U Remix
38. Sorry Sorry
39. Miracle
40. Destiny

awesome right? how i wish i could fly to seoul to see that awesome concert, no wonder the ticket was sold out in just 8 minutes!
and i am still wishing that ss4 will be held in malaysia
or i'll cry TT

and during the ending leeteuk and hyukjae are crying when leeteuk asked how many people you all should protect and E.L.Fs answer was : 13!

and when heechul appear in the vcr, the members were looking back and salute at him! 

ohhh too many ss4 moments
maybe i'll at some more later!


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