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Blood Type O? Naive or Too Kind?

cr: leilockheart

assalamualaikum and hey hey people :D
just had lunch so i'm in an okay mood despite the two tests that doesn't goes to well this morning.i'm waiting for the last class to start since my 4pm class is cancelled. hoorayy!

i have a few things in mind today, especially about money. so i seek something else to make me forget about my dilemma that has been haunting me ever since they announced the mnet live in kl event.
so hard being super junior fan -__-''

so i went to check twitterland, my ultimate rants place and best for babble and nonsense talk.
and i saw some tweets about blood type O

there ware a few that caught my eyes, like:

- Type O may forgive someone in their heart, but tend to have difficulties expressing their forgiveness because of their pride.
- Type O tend to be optimistic
- Type O have an eye for colors. They know which ones go well together and can easily spot those that don't.
- Type O need constant attention
- Type O are often melo-dramatic
- Type O are horrible at expressing feelings
- Type O wives are feminine. Even as they grow older
so why type O? it's simple, because it's my blood type!
i should do mine first rite?

well there is one that particularly catch my eye a bit more

Many Type O are unable to be mean to people
this is so true. as a matter of fact, i cannot even say mean things to people who are mean to me
that sucks sometimes, especially when this kind of thing tend to make me feel so down at times.

i wish i could be a little bit meaner
i wonder it's either because we are too kind? or too naive?
you decide :D

moral of the story, treat the O type well
you never know when you'll hurt them, because they rarely fight back


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