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[Fangirl] Kyuhyun is overrated and only depends on his voice? My opinion.

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edit 6/1/2015: i reread this post again ;D and decided to add kyu's pic from his solo album Gwanghanmun!

i found this, and i melted again
kyuhyun is by far the best of very few singers who could make me feel shiver through my spine every time i hear his singing voice.

about an hour ago, i was playing around in tumblr
where something caught my eyes

there is one comment saying that kyuhyun is a singer with voice but lack emotions, vocal range, skills and techniques
and there is another comments saying that he is overrated compared to his ability, that he just depend solely on his 'voice'

let me quotes some of the comments that in my opinion are a bit rash and not very concrete in fact

Kyuhyun's singing is overrated as heck. He's overrated because of his voice. He does have a talented voice, but  that's the problem. It's only his voice that makes him a great singer.  In terms of skills and emotion, he's not that great. Ryeowook is much better. Singing is not just about having a great voice.Fans are too blinded by his voice that they do not consider his techniques, skills, range and emotions, so they would rank him as the best singer in SUJU or in Kpop. Voice is not the only aspect in singing.
and as expected this has become a hot topic
and fans start to compare between singers, and especially comparing kyuhyun with ryeowook and yesung
as we know that this trio has the best vocal ability in super junior

personally, since i have no music background i depend fully on my ability to listen and feel the voice instead
even though i am kyuhyun biased, i agree that there were times when kyuhyun performance lack 'something' that cannot be defined. 
to me, it's not the skill, or range, or technique
maybe it's emotion or soul like some said it
but personally, listening to his voice alone
i can feel that he is singing from his heart
but don't you think this style of singing is the reason why so many are mesmerized by his voice
maybe there are times where his expression are stiffs
but that is not the only reason for you to conclude that he is not singing with soul

there are comments that try to prove that the statement is wrong
i'm particularly thankful to one person that give proves that show that kyuhyun does have something that make him one of the best in korea nowadays

cr: fyeahkyuhyun

Do you know, There are SO MANY people like you that underrating his singing skill.
So you said, 
1. "He does have a talented voice, but 
that's the problem. It's only his voice that makes him a great singer.In terms of skills and emotion, he's not that great". ->> A Great voice means Nothing without skills.He will never go to anywhere without skill, he will never in KRY without skill. lol what is talented voice? And if many people find his voice is so nice, and suit to their ears, it's not his fault. He gifted with that voice.
2. "Kyuhyun lacks a bit of range, techniques" ->> Do you learning music to said this? do you really understand about singing techniques? lol Do you ever watch his IS2 Performance? if you haven't, go watch it. If you already watched it, watch it again, and observe it.
He sang it as Rock song. You need to understand that his voice is actually bass. You know what bass means right? it will be so difficult for bass to reach very high notes because their voice are actually low notes.But here, you need to watch the end part, when he killed the highest note. What yesung sings in his normal voice is often already kyuhyun’s head voice. So, kyuhyun actually CAN sing with high notes as high as yesung if he got a chance. And this is a proof that he have a huge range of vocal. 
Here, you can hear his voice clearly, started from his low notes, and he reach high notes at the end. If he lacks of technique and range, he will be sucks sung that song, but no, he did it great. Even all contestants agreed that it was Great.
Do you know, that time when he performed this, he was in a very sick condition. check his technique, for people who really sick, that was great.
3. Do you know Yoon Jong Shin? He is a songwriter, and entertainer. He also the writer of Suju songs, Disco Drive and Good Friends. He was the one that recommended kyuhyun to Yoo young suk to sing 7 years of love, and by that time, he just wrote disco drive for suju, means he just know kyuhyun. Still, he said kyuhyun is a great singer to yoo young suk.
Later, after wrote Good Friends, he got question Who still sing the best in Suju in Mnet Beatles Code, He answered Kyuhyun, then corrected it, answered Kyuhyun, and added yesung and ryeowook name too.
Recently, he wrote a song for kyuhyun only, he said he got surprised by kyuhyun's emotion when recorded the song. If you haven't watch it, watch it here. 
He will never pick kyuhyun to collaborate with, if kyuhyun only have the voice, seriously.
4. Singer actually is like food, it's different taste for different people. I am not blame you if his voice is not your cup of tea, but you need to doing research before you make a conclusion for things by your opinion.
Here is opinion from people who learning music, read it, you can agree or disagree though : 
And this one, showcased his amazing falsetto, you need to listen it, try once with your headset. 
However, i am not blind and butthurt, one thing i want him to change is his face expression when sing, because sometimes it's kind of flat. 

i think this commentor is correct in many ways
not just because i'm a kyu's shipper
but because it's obvious that he does have the talent
most of kyuhyun fans knows that when he sing, the only thing that he need to improve the most is his expression
but personally, i like that kind of 'i-dont-care' and indifferent expression
it makes him one of a kind
because apart of his face
if you listen to his voice with your eye closed
you'll get goosebumps
even when you dont understand a word of it

there is some more comments that make me smile on how much kyuhyun's fans know him

Yep. I love BBQ(read:baby kyu) but he is lazy as fuck with all the talent he has. I disagree with the person who said he has no range/technique/emotion, but he's had those forever, its like its natural in him. The boy has always had the power to move people when he sings
He's never worked on his stage presence etc until Immortal Song when he tried out a rock song or whatever [it wasn't the best, but it was a sign that he's finally ready to do something  else]
He worked really hard on dancing, and I really applaud him for that, but he honestly hasn't done much to better himself as a singer and take it to the next level. Whoever pointed out Ryeowook as a competitor for Kyu was completely right in saying that Wook works damn hard to make his shit work, because his voice is just so weird that he has to have more skill than most people just to not have rotten tomatoes thrown at him. The guy experiments like mad with his voice and and he improves every damn time I see him.
That said, Kyuhyun on his worst day still delivers much more than 85% of all kpop artists.

this is one awesome opinion. the commentor think that kyuhyun does need more practice, but he/she don't deny that he is talented and amazing. i like this kind of opinion. it's the truth. 
(even though i don't quite agree with the 'lazy as fuck' but i do think kyuhyun can improves much better, it's just a matter of time)

while there is another person with different opinion

Disclaimer: I'm in no means an expert, but I did study singing for a few years
I feel this "Kyuhyun is a lazy singer" has become such a catch phrase that people just throw it around to seem like they're somehow 'objectively' putting him down. Not everyone will like everyone's singing and that's alright. Some will like others better and that's just splendid.
But what I disliked about the comment quoted above and others like it, was that it was the same old regurgitation of the same old talking points without any effort put into putting forth any substance behind the claims. What's the point of talking about skill, technique and range if you don't even know what they mean? Others answered that commentator with anecdotal examples highlighting his range and technique and what was the reply? Along the lines of I don't think his range is quite that good. Well then... Care to elaborate? Judging someone's skills and range is somewhat subjective, but it's not as subjective as say timbre. One should be able to show some examples of suggested shortcomings, not just present them as facts because that's the talk of the town.
Now performance wise and in conveying emotion. That's a more subjective, I think. Kyuhyun for sure could be better. Of course. He's not the most mature of performers by a long shot. But once again the thought that he is lazy and doesn't ever have to try just because he doesn't clutch his stomach and scrunch up his face when he sings is another falsity. I personally like his understated performance style. But even I had to admit that I couldn't help but be moved by his IS2 "Etude of Memories", precisely because in that one it felt like he was truly putting all of his skill and everything he had as a singer to complete that one song.
and the next comment is about how baseless the statement saying that kyuhyun is not a great singer like people have been saying

..You're kidding right? You do know how underrated his technique is right? Zhang Li Yin commented on how amazing and deep his vibrato was, and how much breath it took to accomplish it... His falsetto is always on point and is quite beautiful. Though he's technically a baritone, he's proven to be able to sing a soft bass and he harmonizes soooo well. During lives, he usually has the best stamina as of late, not to mention during the SM the Ballad promotion, he proved he could do more than sing soft ballads.. Not to mention how well he conveys emotion.. During Listen to You, he whispers... Smile, he sings neutrally until he makes his voice desperate and falls neutral again... 7 Years of Love, he sand along side the orchestra, not over powering it...

The reason I got into K-Pop was because I was so amazed by him (though the first video I ever saw of him wasn't all that great [duo with Charice] but the accident story sparked interest). A classically trained singer I met for SMTOWN (she was in her 30s and there with her daughter) put it nicely: "His voice is like a soft blanket. It warms you."
Arghh. Honestly, it's those stupid typical ballads that make him sound so overrated... but the few outstanding ones show his prowess. 
...I'm done now >_>;;

yeah, as for kyuhyun's performance with charice
it was something else
it was his comeback after the accident
he is literally the other version of 'the boy who lived'

if you already listened to him singing live, you'll understand how amazing he is
even though i don't really know what skills and voice range means
but i cannot deny that he does have that
his live performance is amazing
just like yesung and ryeowook who also have their own good and bad points
kyu has those too
i'm lucky that i'm able to listen him singing live, not once but three times
and i was moved every time
for me, he is indeed a great singer 

but in the end, i think no matter how much you fight and debated over this
it's just a matter of your own personal preferences
you'll like what you think good
just like this one comment

"honestly, everything's just a matter of personal taste"
totally agree. at the end of the day, it really is a matter of personal taste.
i don't understand why some people just don't get this.
you can compare all you want, but who can really say who is the best? every listener has different standards to what they consider is great singing. it just irks me when some fans keep on bringing other idols down just so they can say that their bias is better/the best. haist!

i seriously think it's not healthy to compare
music is an escape from the bitterness of the world
don't make it another battle ground 
enjoy what you like
and leave others alone
as for me, super junior is by far the best group of singers
and kyuhyun is the best of them
it's my taste ^^

just like how others would defend their bias, this is what i'm doing exactly
defending mine!
i'm biased? so what? there is a reason why people created the word 'favourite' right  :D

p/s: play the third song in my blog playlist. you'll get it. how heavenly his voice sounds.
p/p/s: if you are offended and think that i'm talking in a harsh way, my apologize , my english is not that excellent so it's unavoidable sometimes :D

credit: 6theory and kpopsecrets

edit (6th Jan 2015)
Hello! I come from the future ;D 
Haha, nope just kidding. By the way, I was rereading my old posts and came across this. I would like to say that despite all the lame accussion about how Kyu can't sing, I would like to invite you people to listen to Kyuhyun's solo album that was released in 2014! It remain in top charts for weeks! And people love it! So I think you should give it a try, and you might change your mind. If not, well it's up to you :D 

And oh, since the playlist is removed, try Google-ing 'Hope is A Dream That Never Sleep' the MR Removed Version


  1. yeah I agree with you!!!! :)

  2. Kyu is a great and best vocalist among the k-pop that what expert was saying about Kyuhyun and you are right the best vocalist not every thing but kyuhyun has everything. he has a good personality, working hard, has a good brain and clever, stupid cute smile, stupid handsome face, stupid evil magnae his voice make people love him more, out going person but down to earth, never stop improving him self, you check in idol musical ranking he is now no.2 after Junsu but percentage so close kyu. 38.4% and Junsu 38.5% MY POINT IS Kyu never stop to improve himself when begining of enter musical hundred2 of people keep critizising him but he work had and never give up to correct it and improve himself. thats what i proud of kyu.

    1. i agree! well since we love him we might be a bit bias. but numbers does speaks for itself right? anyway whatever people might think, he's still number 1 at the least for me and you :)

  3. By the way Kyufyun etude of memory he sang at Rainbow Festival is amazing much , much , much better than 3 years ago. he is improve a lot OMG i proud of him. the more people put him down the more he sing well. he really something . His strong will SO AMAZING


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