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pre-wedding chill? just kidding ( ^3<)

cr: rastuffs

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps! ^^

ahahah,don't worry, it's not me who is getting married
minus the fact that i haven't be able to solve my riddle yet
i think i'm too young for this kind of commitment
maybe some of us who marry early are just lucky that they find their other half in such short of time.

so why am i talking about pre wedding chill? 
it's because tomorrow, 11.11.11 is going to be my aunt wedding date!
i'm super excited for her ^^
and a little envious because the date is sooo rare!

ohh before that, it's the 10th of november today
and it's my brother 17th birthday!
so i'm here wishing you a happy birthday! and goodluck on your spm next week!
much love!! <3 <3

now back to the topic

cr: imabride

pre-wedding chill?
even though and of course i haven't experience it yet
but i've seen it a lot in dramas
(well, i'm a drama maniac, so you know that)

i kinda wonder if it really happen?
the moment when you doubt everything, like are you really ready for it?
some says it's just a phase, and almost everyone will experience it
the differences is how they handle that

thinking that tonight is the last night of my aunt having the tittle 'single'
i bet she had a lot on her mind
so i'm not going to interrupt her :DD

i just wish everything will run smoothly tomorrow
and i wish for her happiness
she will be getting married in putrajaya mosque tomorrow!

you can say that she is one of my closest family
she is like one my best friend! i love you acikk!
i hope you will be happy and blessed!
and i'm thankful to have you there for me
i know you're busy and we can't get in touch always
but i always miss you!

have a happy marriage!
i'm looking forward for more cute cousins!
and ohh, i still want our girls day out sometimes :D
maybe in the future when i already get a job
it'll be my turn to pay!

lot's of love from me :D
see you tomorrow 
hugs and kisses

p/s: i bet you'll be the most beautiful bride tomorrow. i'm looking forward to it :D
p/p/s: i know you're touched, you can cry ..hihihi ^^

-your niece-


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