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accusation and anger.

cr: elakamel

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :D

we often heard, what is life without a little bit of suffering and challenges?
personally, i agree to this but there is one thing in this world that i would like to avoid the most.
which is 'fights'

and for me, the scariest fight in this world is fights between girls. yes girls = yeoja.
because we, this well known XX chromosome carrier, carries grudge like no other.
and that is why i say, girls fights are scary
and i , would love to avoid it as much as i could.

i mean, i rather have a fight with my brothers which OBVIOUSLY are boys
because once the fights end, we NEVER use the same lame excuses we have used in other fights

you know why males says that girls are a headache?
because they couldn't understand girls and i too, sometimes, don't understand girls
yes, there are also times, where i don't even understand myself.
ahahahah, that might sounds funny, but it's the truth.

girls are indeed a complex creation
how our mind works? 
i just can't explain it.
we're the most unstable, continuously changing creature ever.
and it's scary if you find how different we can act in front of different people.
and how extraordinary we can love someone.

now, you must wonder why am i praising and scolding my own gender at the same time?

because i was both angry and amused at my own species.

yesterday, was supposed to be a fine day
but it changed around noon
because i received one shocking text message of the biggest accusation i ever received in my whole life.
and it's not fair, because i couldn't even fight back
because if i do, it would make me look and sound as low and stupid 

what's funnier is, they think they're so great and innocent
they made it sounds like we are the one at fault and like their side has done nothing
and they make us look like the bullies
and they're the victim

i was so angry 
but i decided to calm down
because i'm not supposed to be involved in any of it
and it'll just be a headache 

thank god, i am not the type who'll do stupid things like that
i mean, that was so inelegant and stupid
and i'm embarrassed at the fact that i am involved, like it or not

if yesterday,i decided to follow my heart instead of my brain
it'll just damage my reputation
and thank god, i'm sane enough to not get involved

yes, we were accused and being made fun of
but because their words are just insignificant to me
i'll just let it go

and if people around me decided to believe those mere words
i'll take it as a sign that they don't deserve to be my friends
if they believe everything they say without knowing the real me
i'm not losing anything but unworthy people

i know what i do, i know who am i and i know people who know me
and losing some fakers won't do harm to my life

because you're just a passerby
you were given chance to get to know me
but you don't really stop
you just glance
so it's not completely my fault when you overlooked somethings.
so adios~~

p/s: and oh, i would love to not in any ways, crossed path with you again.


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