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20 promises to myself in 2012.

my new year resolutions are:
1. try to make mum and dad smile at least once a day. be a lot more fillial.
2. try to increase my self esteem and confidence more because i seriously need that.
3. take care of my skin better, i like makeup but this year i'm gonna do both, makeup and skin care since i'm just 21, but my skin look older (i think)
4. stop caring how i never have a boyfriend like others, i seriously need to appreciate myself more (usually i don't care, but i do sometimes)
5. have a better lifestyle as in sleeping early, eat healthily, pray more, smile and laugh more
6. start writing diary again. i don't know why i stopped doing that but i'm gonna start to do it diligently again, it's good for my heart.
7. i need some attitude adjustment, because i think i've become more ego and stubborn towards my family but i never really speak up for myself to strangers/friends, i need to change that.
8. start remembering my friends and family birthdate again and never forget to wish them like last year, i've been a little selfish in 2011.
9. read more books, cook more at home, learn dancing.
10. pass my driving test and take my family somewhere for picnic.
11. never cry in front of anyone anymore.
12. do some volunteer work in 2012
13. avoid skipping class, get better grades, go to library once in awhile
14. start working to recover from my addiction towards coke
15. stop fighting with my brothers, be a little more mature and tolerant and kind
16. try to eat at dinner table instead of  in front of my laptop or tv
17. eat less junk foods, order less delivery or take away
18. go green, save electricity, save water, start recycling
19. take my financial management seriously, keep a 'spending journal'
20. start working up to achieve my long term goals in my bucket lists


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