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davichi & t-ara: we were in love

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!

if you guys ada tengok lovey dovey mv which is the continuation of cry cry mv by t-ara
dalam mv lovey dovey tu, ada lagu ballad yang sangat awesome
sebab ramai sangat yang tertanya-tanya, meh i tolong jawabkan :D

song tittle: we were in love
artist: davichi and t-ara

if you guys nak tahu
i memang suka vocal davichi ni and t-ara is indeed my fav girl group

keep playing this song since the day lovey dovey mv was out
plus, mv we were in love ni simple and nice

jiyeon comel sangat dalam tuh..hihii

p/s: company diorang which is LOENet kalau buat lagu style OST ni memang best!


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