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kindness from a stranger that touched my heart.

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assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ;D

in celebration of january 2012 as National Thank You Month, i decided to express my thankfulness to two stranger that i met earlier tonight. and ohh, don't ask me which country it is that do this 'National Thank You Month' because i'm not sure but i think it's a good idea. well, we actually need to be thankful always, but it's good to have some times to actually over-emphasizing our thankful feeling :D

i'm right now in a very good mood.
well, not exactly good-the-ecstatic type of mood
it's more like good-feels-like-crying type of mood
got it?
well, it's not anything big, it's not anything exciting, not anything out of ordinary
just a simple act from two strangers that made me smile happily now.
i'm just so touched.

today, i went to finish my third language listening test when my friend ask me to have dinner with her
since it's been awhile and i also need to buy some groceries,  i agreed.

we had dinner and went to buy our stuffs.
since it's already around 9 pm, and i want to go back, we went to find a taxi
but there was no taxi available
until one taxi driver stopped 

inside the taxi was another passenger. well, actually it's not a passenger. it's the taxi ajusshi's (uncle) wife.
they're actually on their way to the i-city but when that kind lady saw us with a lot of stuffs in our hand, she asked her husband to pick us up when our destination is on the opposite side.

they're actually (literally) was on their way for a date. 
but they were so kind to send me home first and then go back to continue the plan.

that was not just that. they were so kind, asking me this and that and made me really comfortable in the taxi when i at first don't feel very comfortable since i feel like i'm making the taxi driver work when it's not actually his working time. 

yeah yeah, i know that they actually will get paid by me. but it's just my conscience.
not just that, i actually intend to let them drop me off in front of my apartment gate
but once again, the kind lady and ajusshi insisted to send me inside ( i mean till the front of the lift)

it's so touching to get such nice treatment and kindness from a stranger.
they also tell me they are from sabah and live in kl. and that ajusshi doesn't really know the area around shah alam since he mostly pick foreigner around sunway area to send to airports.

so that makes me even more thankful because despite the fact that i actually interrupt their plan, and he don't know the way, they still kindly agree to send me home.

and ohh, they also tell me that they have a niece, from sabah that is now studying in uitm too.
they told me that she haven't call home for awhile and her parents is very worried about her.

well, i know the girl name but i don't think it's appropriate to mention it here.
she is a 'fakulti perladangan/perhutanan' student (i'm not very sure)
and she haven't been in touch with her parents nor her uncle (the taxi driver) and that kind lady

so i really hope that she would contact her parents a.s.a.p
i know the chance that she will be reading this is almost 0%
but it's just a way i could do to express my gratitude to that taxi driver and her wife.

to that girl, i don't know if you're older or younger than me
but i think, the way you treat your family is wrong
idk what problem you have with your family
you still need to contact them
because blood is wayy thicker than water

just because you're a university student now and live in kuala lumpur /city
doesn't mean you should forget who you are before

i hope they'll get to contact her
and to that taxi driver uncle and his wife~ have fun dating in i-city :D
thank you very much ~

p/s: the moral is, even smallest kindness can touch a stranger's heart. so be kind to everyone.
 you'll be happy in life :D


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