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GDA : Nervousness, Frustration and Headache

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

to dear elfs!
it's D-DAY!!
after struggling of buying albums, voting online
today is the revelation day!

GDA 2011 in Osaka
i wonder if we'll be able to grab the GDA award for Super Junior after all the things we've done to reclaim and prove once again that Super Junior are the best!

i'm so frustrated that there is no live streaming available like last year.
it's so hard just to rely on twitter updates from fans in Osaka

but one thing that i know is so awesome in this GDA is this!

we elfs can't help but wonder if it's really GDA or Super Show?
Sapphire Blue cover almost everything?
it's beyond words.

plus the fact that i have paper tomorrow
makes me have double headache
i'm reading while looking at updates in twitter
it's killing me

i hope our dreams will come true this time
please let Super Junior win
or i will cry...


  1. waahhh ni mesti fanatik suju.hue3,,yep nama kita sama :)


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