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new room :D

cr: donghai

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :D
just like the tittle
i am currently in my new rented room
i am sharing with one other tenant
she is older than me and not a student

mostly, she's not sleeping here
so i feel like i own the room, muahahah

but the downside is that
i feel like i have no one to talk to
this is pretty lonely for someone who talk as much like me

it's 2 am already
actually i've sleep a few hours before and now i can't sleep
got a full 8.30 AM-6.00 PM class tomorrow
i hope i can sleep soon :P

p/s: so hungry, moving to a new house. it feels different.
p/p/s: a red shirt henry to accompany me on lonely day like tonight :D


  1. me too just move in to a new home but alhamdulillah i am living with another 3 friends..well, u can enjoy chatting & blogging..though u may bored being alone but hey u got another friends out there rite..enjoy life & be happy..yeah!


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