Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time


i might be someone who easily gets consumed by her emotions
even though i'm not that good, not that perfect
no matter how i look at it
this is not the solution for the problem
this is the worst decision ever

i might sounds harsh, my words might sting
but i learned it from all of you
that feeling of insecurities, slowly engulfed me and i became who i am today

and now, after all those unpleasant memories
blaming me for being this kind of person
you had no idea, how hard i tried to not be just like you

is it so wrong to love?
i'm not a child anymore
the one who are being consumed by emotions more than me
it's you guys

i'm done , it's over
i have no regrets
i've tried to stop you from making this decision
maybe at some point, i did it the wrong way
but don't blame me
don't blame us

i never said i hate you
it's just, my way of loving is different
just like yours
we love each other
using our own way
but we never realized
our way, it sometimes hurts

i don't know if it will ever be the same again
we never had it normal like others from the beginning
i just hope
no matter how broken we are now
i wish, time would heal it
and we'll become happy again
truly happy
not just for others to look

and in order for it to happen
i will have to change too
i just wonder, will we ever be able to change?
what i know is, this is not something easily forgotten
the wounds might heal, but the scar will remains
just like before..


  1. be strong in whatever u do.. remember HIM always.. insyaAllah we will always calm.. =)


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