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good news are meant to be shared?

cr: ihazsupahpowah
wow, nomnomnomnom assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
it's been awhile since i last post a 'real' entry actually i don't really have the urge to be blogging these days hahah, but don't worry it'll come back to me one day :)
ohhh the tittle above? nothing…

Poster: Trapped In Time

Trapped In Time
Just started writing this. For the first time, I don't use own created character as the female lead. It's Sulli time! :)

First Romantic/Angst Poster Design : Fateful Encounter

Fateful Encounter it's been while since i start to write fanfic again this time i'm trying to make a romantic/angst style poster
rate my skill?  i don't think i'm good enough yet

do i know you

cr: little-brii
do i know you? i feel like i do but somehow i feel like i don't
do i know you? your smile is different your laugh sounds different your words are even more different
do i know you? i thought i know you well i never knew there will be a time where i feel like you're a complete stranger

in health and in sickness

remember Him  in health or in sickness He will be there


cr: otakulei
close you eyes and forget it all even if its just for a moment at least you'll be able to bear it you're not running away you're just..
taking a rest


cr: cutetale
like a child, i tried to run from reality. i tried to convince myself that a talking unicorn exists and my fairy godmother will come and save me from this hell like everyday. but again, unlike a child i convinced myself that there is no such thing as happy ending and love is just over…


cr: cutetale
hopelessness | unwantedmiserydepression | agonyhatredanguishrevenge | failure

that black kitten

cr: otakulei
hate me...because i lied hate me.. because i have given up hate me.. because i think it's too tiring
every day, i wake up dragging my feet gathering my strength for this
i know i should give my all since it's already written for me but i can't find it that little courage that i have los…

alice in sadland

tears are meant to be shed laugh are meant to be shared smile are meant to be spread
i know everything i keep saying it chanting it every time
don't cry laugh smile
i try to hide lock it  put it away
one night one lonely day it struggles to be let out
and it end up stuck in the middle of every hea…

Eyeliner Styles

cr: leilockheart
my fav most probably are indico, tortter, grego and luistico :) which are yours?? :P

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