May 29, 2012

good news are meant to be shared?

wow, nomnomnomnom
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

it's been awhile since i last post a 'real' entry
actually i don't really have the urge to be blogging these days
hahah, but don't worry it'll come back to me
one day :)

ohhh the tittle above?
nothing much
i just heard about one good news about my brother
even though we ALWAYS argue
i am still very happy for him
very happy actually!
congrats bro! i wish the best for you.

my routine these days?
hmmm, i start to write again
i even abandon my korean drama for awhile
since the inspiration are coming easily
i should write as much as i can before the writer's block syndrome coming back again

i heard about the hari belia issue
my stance?
i rather shut up
so don't ask me

and ohhh, i'm into graphics editing once again
so my days
it felt like i actually leap through time
once i start writing/ editing i really don't care about anything else
and when i look at the clock again?
day and night had switched again :P

and ohh
my friend got married
congrats too her :)
awkward for us..hahahahah
(i feel old already, oh god i'm just 21)

May 24, 2012

Poster: Trapped In Time

Just started writing this. For the first time, I don't use own created character as the female lead.
It's Sulli time! :)

May 22, 2012

First Romantic/Angst Poster Design : Fateful Encounter

it's been while since i start to write fanfic again
this time i'm trying to make a romantic/angst style poster

rate my skill? 
i don't think i'm good enough yet

May 20, 2012

do i know you

do i know you?
i feel like i do
but somehow i feel like i don't

do i know you?
your smile is different
your laugh sounds different
your words are even more different

do i know you?
i thought i know you well
i never knew
there will be a time
where i feel like you're a complete stranger

do i know you?
it seems like you've become different
is it because of the time?

do i know you?
you seems like you're hiding something
your stare, it's different
the look in your eyes
it's not the same

do i know you?
or are you still there?
i hope i don't lose you yet
come back
be the person you used to be

do i know you?
where does the cheerful spirit go?
did you lose it on your way?

do i know you?
i look into the mirror
and i say

do i know you?

May 10, 2012

in health and in sickness

remember Him 
in health or in sickness
He will be there

May 09, 2012


cr: otakulei
close you eyes and forget it all
even if its just for a moment
at least you'll be able to bear it
you're not running away
you're just..

taking a rest

May 06, 2012


like a child, i tried to run from reality. i tried to convince myself that a talking unicorn exists and my fairy godmother will come and save me from this hell like everyday. but again, unlike a child i convinced myself that there is no such thing as happy ending and love is just overrated. i'm disguising myself with a pair of fake smile and with an ounce of faith believing that i'll be happy once again, i start my journey finding my so called prince charming. just like cinderella, i try to find my companion and be friends with a bunch of animals. little that i know,   people and animals, we fit in best with our own kind. so, with little strength left, i drag my foot, slowly, one step at a time, praying that i will find that happy ending. on my way, i meet so many wonderful people that treat me kindly, but i forgot that a stranger kindness, even though they will be remembered, they're just like a passerby, unreachable. i keep dragging my foot , my heart, it's almost broken now. it felt sore, it needs love. so i tried to remember, when was the last time i hugged a person. pathetically, i realized, i can't remember. growing up, doesn't feel like a dream anymore, it's a nightmare now. before, i wish that i can grow up and meet my prince and be happy. i never realize, to be happy, they're thousands of challenges that awaits us. some are strong enough to deal with it. some are not. i'm stranded now, the thirst, it's almost killing me, but that childlike side of me, it keeps on convincing myself, you'll find it someday. but i'm worried, will it be too late to save me? i need my fairy godmother now...i need my please, when you meet me, look straight at my eyes, instead of listening to my words, i'm just too good at lying, i need someone to stop it...


that black kitten

hate me...because i lied
hate me.. because i have given up
hate me.. because i think it's too tiring

every day, i wake up
dragging my feet
gathering my strength
for this

i know
i should give my all
since it's already written for me
but i can't find it
that little courage
that i have lost somewhere on my way here

there is no such thing
as meaningless thing
even that
i find hard to compromise

i want to run
like a useless coward 
to turn away from this nightmare
that i have created myself

what should it do?
return it to me
i don't want to keep losing my way

it's tiring....

(1:40 am, little kitten)

May 04, 2012

alice in sadland

tears are meant to be shed
laugh are meant to be shared
smile are meant to be spread

i know everything
i keep saying it
chanting it every time

don't cry

i try to hide
lock it 
put it away

one night
one lonely day
it struggles to be let out

and it end up
stuck in the middle of every heartbeat
i tried to breath
that lump in my heart
keep getting heavier

will i ever get out of this?

-3:46am, anis-

"save me from..broken time"
(quoted:sunny hill)

Eyeliner Styles

my fav most probably are indico, tortter, grego and luistico :)
which are yours?? :P