Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time


like a child, i tried to run from reality. i tried to convince myself that a talking unicorn exists and my fairy godmother will come and save me from this hell like everyday. but again, unlike a child i convinced myself that there is no such thing as happy ending and love is just overrated. i'm disguising myself with a pair of fake smile and with an ounce of faith believing that i'll be happy once again, i start my journey finding my so called prince charming. just like cinderella, i try to find my companion and be friends with a bunch of animals. little that i know,   people and animals, we fit in best with our own kind. so, with little strength left, i drag my foot, slowly, one step at a time, praying that i will find that happy ending. on my way, i meet so many wonderful people that treat me kindly, but i forgot that a stranger kindness, even though they will be remembered, they're just like a passerby, unreachable. i keep dragging my foot , my heart, it's almost broken now. it felt sore, it needs love. so i tried to remember, when was the last time i hugged a person. pathetically, i realized, i can't remember. growing up, doesn't feel like a dream anymore, it's a nightmare now. before, i wish that i can grow up and meet my prince and be happy. i never realize, to be happy, they're thousands of challenges that awaits us. some are strong enough to deal with it. some are not. i'm stranded now, the thirst, it's almost killing me, but that childlike side of me, it keeps on convincing myself, you'll find it someday. but i'm worried, will it be too late to save me? i need my fairy godmother now...i need my please, when you meet me, look straight at my eyes, instead of listening to my words, i'm just too good at lying, i need someone to stop it...


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