Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

do i know you

do i know you?
i feel like i do
but somehow i feel like i don't

do i know you?
your smile is different
your laugh sounds different
your words are even more different

do i know you?
i thought i know you well
i never knew
there will be a time
where i feel like you're a complete stranger

do i know you?
it seems like you've become different
is it because of the time?

do i know you?
you seems like you're hiding something
your stare, it's different
the look in your eyes
it's not the same

do i know you?
or are you still there?
i hope i don't lose you yet
come back
be the person you used to be

do i know you?
where does the cheerful spirit go?
did you lose it on your way?

do i know you?
i look into the mirror
and i say

do i know you?


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