Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

want to be treated with respect? then act with one!

i'm so out of word right now
i hate it when i tried to have conversation, to say sorry, to discuss, people wave you off just like that.
do you think we're still in kindergarten? come on lah, be an adult

you know what makes me angry the most? 
it's not by the fact you're ignoring me? it's the fact that you twist the truth!
i told you already, i might not be able to settle that!
i don't have the means, i told you to give me any other
but you told me, you'll help
and now you're giving your BS ??

seriously, out of any people i know all around
you're just so mean okay?

tonight was my fault
for sleeping in and not going
but please
stop advertising every relationship problem you have
and pretending nothing have happened the next day
you're such a jerk


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