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2013, In A Word.

cr: miss-sunshine08
So many things happened in 2013 that I've never thought would happen in my life. There were somethings lost, somethings gained. There were laugh, but there were also cries. There were hope and there were also darkness. I don't know if I've become stronger or weaker.…

Reviews: Special Thanks to Essence Cosmetics Malaysia for the Gift! ~^^

Recently I was chosen as the winner for the 23rd day of Essence Cosmetic Malaysia advent calendar giveaway, and yesterday the prize finally reached my doorstep. To be honest, at first when they announced my name on Essence Malaysia Facebook page, I thought that it wasn't me! Due to slight mist…

International Giveaway: Urban Decay Naked 3 (Read: Birthday Wish)

Alright people, for those who follows me on Instagram, you may have seen my post (ranting) about getting this awesome palette for new year. But unfortunately, that dream will probably stays as dream because this poor student (me) can't afford it at least for the next six month. Which is heartb…

Beauty and the Beast: The 1st Giveaway

Hello Guys

I'm here to promote the first giveaways by Miss Nabilah on her blog Beauty and the Beast!
She is doing this giveaway to celebrate the 100,000 pageviews on her blog~^^  *so envious, i have somemore to go*
*cr photos: beauty and the beast*
And the prizes is just so awesome that I mys…

Exam Mood

cr: phamousx3
Yes.  The days of doom is around the corner. Sigh.

November/December Favorite Playlists ❤

cr: egipciaca

Hey guys, I'm back with the 2nd part of my favourite playlist post.
These songs is the one I listen to the most when I commute. By the way, my playlist is by no way will always follow the latest trending songs. I'm random you know.
Hope there will be something you somewhere i…

Funky Eyeliner Craze: Swatches and Review [My Collection]

Hello lovelies ^^
It has been known among my close knit friends that I am so obsessed with eyeliners. I can live a day without a blusher, or a lip gloss, but not without eyeliner.

Therefore I've bought quite a variety of eyeliners from different brands and colours over time. But in this post, …

Santa Hermo's Magic of Gift!

"Do you love getting presents?"

"Do you look forward to special occasions so you could make a wish?"

"Do you make your own personal wishlist every year?"

The Sunday Currently Vol 1


Hey people, I'm feeling blues today. Fangirl mode has been set on maximum. Find something on tumblr to keep me calm ;)

C U R R E N T L Y …

READING the best speech in KPOP history on tumblr.   November 29th, 2011 .. Best speech in all of Kpop history…
"We’ve liv…

Lets Us Join Junniku Giveaway :)

I love giveaways. Especially beauty products giveaways. And luckily, Junniku is having a giveaway now. As you know, I love makeups.
Especially Korean beauty brands!  (can you see me being biased now? hihi)
Etude House has the cutest packaging ever, and their products are so good too! I love their …

Mathematics and Science Learning. English or Malay?

cr: myprecioussweettime
First and foremost I would like to declare that this is strictly my opinion based on my past experiences and it has nothing to do with whatever political stand. I find myself unable to ignore it anymore when I saw all the different comments on various social networking site…

Naked Temptation

" Naked3 is coming! It features 12 never-before-seen (and insanely gorgeous!) ROSE-hued neutrals."
Oh baby, come to mommy!!! I don't think I can resist this time. You'll be mine!

Skype Ad: Reminds Us How Happy & Lucky We Are Sometimes

"Meet Sarah and Paige. They've been best friends since they were 8 years old. For years, they've shared everything over Skype. But the crazy part is they've never met in person. Until now."
This is just so heartwarming. My heart flutters when the two met.  It's such an ins…

Good Morning

cr: reius
I am happy.
I think I really am. But then I get sad.  And sometimes I overwhelms me how sad I can get.

Itching to Post

cr: fenrna
Hey Peeps, I actually feel so bored right now that I copy this random tag off tumblr to answer. Lol So here I go:
1: Name five celebrity crushes and five fictional character crushes
Five Celebrity Crushes: Cho Kyuhyun Moon Joowon Jennifer Lawrence Robert Downey Jr. Cho Kyuhyun
*yes, i p…


cr: jeanise1
It's so scary these days, monsters are everywhere--and no, i'm not talking about the Halloween.
Today, I saw an article about a shooting in the newspaper. A woman is dead, shot in the head, by the security officer of the bank she worked at. Few weeks(?) ago, news about people …

September/October Favorite Playlists ❤

cr: homuhomu-complex
Hello guys!
As usual, I feel bad when I didn't pay much attention on my blog. To be honest, I don't really have anything special going on in my life worth writing for. These days are filled with me juggling with studies and helping around at home. Since I stayed at hom…

Feel Bad

cr: picsandquotes
I feel so bad for not updating my blog as often as before. Yeah yeah I know. Same thing over and over again. You see, the main point of this blog is not to make people read it.  I just love writing. And I want something to look at when I started wondering about my pasts.
Sigh.  I…

Etude House Bulk Order From Korea (CLOSED)

Hey guys :)
Right now, 26-29 September, Etude House in Korea is having sale. So I am planning to make a bulk purchase of a few HOT ITEMS of Etude House with a much cheaper price than in Malaysia. 
So I'm looking for people to join me to buy because it will be even cheaper to order in bulk.

Sudden Rant

cr: theawfullybigadventure

I need a break

Oh god, what am I talking about?!
I am in a break.
It's holiday, but why didn't I feel like I'm in one?
It just feel stuffy
Like something is not right
Like I need to do something
I can't even enjoy it wholeheartedly
Maybe I should go for a …

TheLilacBox: Decleor Paris Concept Box Unboxing Event

I finally have the time (and mood) to blog about this event I attended with my older cousin.

On the 20th of July, which was last Saturday, I finally received my first concept box from The Lilac Box! The Lilac Box is one of the leading beauty box in Malaysia and they use the concept of Blind Date f…

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